Car Hire in Mauritius

Hello there,

Please can you suggest a reasonably cost car hire for the month.

I am finding it so expensive on the websites. I would be very appreciative of any help.

Kind regards


Hello I know some one who rents cars out in Mauritius I can ask for you.
Depends what you are after and how long to. Pm me


Im also interested, but would be more long term. Looking for a bigger car, we are a family of 4 people.



You can affordable cars for one month and depending on you budget / car model too. PM me for details about when you need the car.



For a nissan Micra 2018 automatic transmission, how much will you be able to pay for a month rental?

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We hired a i10 and paid Rs11000 for month

Hi, try Pingouin Car Rentals , very reliable and reasonable ***

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Hi , please can you share details of who you hired a vehicle from?  Thank you

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