Finding a job in Austria during the pandemic

Hi everyone,

Looking for a job in Austria is not something you can take lightly, especially now. If you found a new job in Austria during the pandemic or if you are currently searching for one, we would like to know how it went.

How did you go about it? Which job board do you recommend? Did you use a headhunter?
In which sector did you find a job?

Did you train in order to find a new position? If so, which training course(s) did you follow and why?

What about your package? How does it compare with your previous jobs and are you satisfied with it?

What are the most important elements to prioritise or negotiate in a package for a job in Austria in 2021?

Thanks for your contribution!

Diksha, team

I have been looking for positions in Austria but I find that the greatest hurdle is the Visa. Most companies are not willing to sponsor it even at the director level which I am. The best opportunity to live in Austria would probably be through one of the United Nations groups. If any person here has other advice I would love to hear it. If you are already in Vienna. I speak fluent German in my mother was from Vienna. Ready to go home so to speak now that she has passed and re connect with my roots and family there. They would like me to be there as well but of course as an older woman it is difficult in a society that values youth only. As far as work goes that is.

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