Living in Spain? needs you!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help the expat community in Spain.

If you are interested in helping the other members in your spare time, answering their queries and sharing useful information on the forum on living in Spain, we would be happy to have you on board of our Advisors Team.

Should you want to know more about this project, feel free to contact me answering directly in this thread or by private message.

Hope to hear from you soon :)


Priscilla Team

Hello Priscilla,

I'm a native-born US citizen, and have recently bought two homes in Costa Del Sol.  One is in the Higueron West 217 complex (google) in Fuengirola, and the other in San Pedro de Alcantara.  I'll be spending 3 months there, every 6 months, until my final move in 2022.  I still have rental homes, and my own home, to sell here in the US before making my final move.

To do all this, I had to coordinate with an immigration attorney, a real estate attorney, and a tax attorney.  In addition, during my recent 3.5 week real estate trip in Spain, I met with a few other expats to learn more about their logistics.

I have quite a bit of real-world experience with moving to Spain (from the US - the UK is different) at this point, including how to obtain residency for family members, and the always-overlooked issue of "how do I move a family member that's over 70 years old to Spain, since they don't qualify for health insurance coverage!"

I'm happy to volunteer in this forum.

Lewis De Payne

Hi Lewis,
I hope you checked the tax consequences of residency for US citizens. 

As a US citizen myself, I found very contradictory info on how you get taxes by Spain and the US. 
Would love your feedback. 

Just bought a property here in the Malaga area.

Hello... I hired attorneys who specialize in these matters, to take care of them for me.

I have a real estate attorney handling my two property purchases.

I have a tax attorney who structured my US transactions to minimize Spanish tax.

I have an immigration attorney handling my Golden Visa, and she is working with the tax attorney to make sure I do not establish legal residency until after I've sold a few of my homes here in the US.

Aside from that (which will be converted to cash prior to residency), my remaining income is in the form of stock dividend payments... which there will be minimal tax on in Spain (since I'll be paying US taxes on my US stock distributions).

I will retain the use of a professional tax firm to file my US and ES tax returns.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Hi Priscilla,
I'm yassine from morocco, currently I live in Almería for two months now, I cam here from Madrid as I was volunteering with an organisation there, It's my first year here in spain and tbh as an introvert I find it kinda hard make new friends and take the first step toward potential friendships 😅.
Back home I worked as a senior Logistics manager for 7 years and decided to leave my country to have new life experiences abroad, and I'll be happy to help you and who knows maybe I'll start making friends in your community.
Have a great day

@Lewis De Partner furgón Yes, Probably not putting so many personal details on a website  open to so many people you don't know.  If all the people who are working on your behalf are good they will have hopefully covered everything Good luck in finding I have to go with a

@Priscilla I am a US Citizen resident in Santa Cruz de Tenerife living here since November 2021 on an NLV.

My two grown children live here and are residents

What can I do to help?

My best e mail is***



George Michailow

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Hello George Michailow,

We are infact looking for volunteers to help our members by participating and guiding them on the Spain forum.

Find out more about the Expert program here : and let us know what you think about it.




I'm interested in assisting!



I'm interested in assisting!

You need to be residing in Spain legally and have good knowledge of the country. According to your profile you are in China and so do not qualify.

Hi Lex

Thank you for your interest, very much appreciated.

i would also invite you to read the experts program concept :

And let us know if you are interested.

All the best,



i no longer live un china, i am a resident of spain now., I haven't changed my profile yet…


i just changed my profile.

Im in Spain permanently now.


Hello Lmf,

Yes duly noted 1f44d.svg


Hello Thierry,

This is an English speaking forum.

If you wish to engage in French you can use the Forum Espagne.1f609.svg


Yoginee team

@Priscilla Hello Priscilla, I am Aida and read your post about helping international people living in Spain. Please, could you give me more information to help them?

Best regards

Hello Aida,

Thank you for your interest!

This is about our Advisor program.

We are looking for members who possess enough information about Spain to help expatriates and future expatriates in their projects.1f609.svg

You can help members by engaging with them on the various discussions on the Spain forum.


Yoginee team


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Hello, and what kind of help do you need?

Hello Gatomalomalo,

We are looking for volunteers to help on the forum by responding to members queries. Find out more here :




Hello Priscilla, I am French who speaks only French.

I just bought an apartment in LOS ALCAZARES, I will be happy to share this experience and meet other expats in this area.



Hello Bruno,

Thank you for offering your help.

Well, if you speak only french, feel free to participate on the francophone forum Espagne ^^

All the best