It's haircut time!

So I am finally ready to get my first haircut since moving to Puerto Plata. I haven't had hair this long since the 80's lol! My place is in Torre Alta so anyone who can recommend a good barber shop in the near vacinity let me know thanks. It would also help if they can speak some English so I can tell them how I want my cut.

That is one place you don't want miscommunication! Hand gestures only go so far!

Even if you find someone who speaks English, if it is not their first language, I recommend having a picture of what you are looking for - or a picture of yourself after a prior haircut.

I was fortunate to find a stylist in Las Terrenas who speaks English. I don't recall which country, but he's from South America and is a native Spanish speaker, but he spent some time training in NYC. I took pictures the first time and I've been able to communicate with him well enough without pictures for all my other haircuts!

Watch out for 'barber shops'.... they use electric clippers

Go to salon.....