Can the water be filtered?

So I want to buy a berkey water filter to move to DR so that I dont have to be always buying the botellones.
Is the type of filter that is used for natural disasters and stuff like that.

I just wonder if the water there can be filtered...I mean we do shower with it.
And brush our teeth. Some times I just think it's a big lie on the public to get us there to buy the botellones...since that's a huge money making sector.

We built our home here and have a whole house system, 1micron sediment filter, and two carbon filters, all 4.5 x 20 inch, a water softener, and a U.V.light. I think it is overkill but we can drink out of any faucet or tap inside or outside of the house without any worries at all.

That rocks   :idontagree:   We brought this up to our builder and he said it would cost a fortune for the whole house. Although he says that for just about everything!

Same system I had but without the UV light. Even for bathing the water feels much better because it's soft water.
My system was from Siagua IIRC.  Installed on the feed line into the house.
Fairly simple to maintain. Backflush the carbon filters keep the salt and chlorine filled and you're good to good.
Controls need to be on the inverter to keep everything cycling.

So a berkey filter isnt enough??

Tropicalcandy88 :

So a berkey filter isnt enough??

I'm not familiar with the Berkey system Tropicalcandy

But as an observation, I think it would be wise to buy a system that you can get technical support here on the island.

I have had the well water tested by a lab in Santo Domingo at several entry points and it came back potable.  So what does that mean exactly?  The answer to every question in the DR is It depends.  Where, when etc.  Remember the primary reason for some well water not being drinkable is because it is not monitored, filtered or treated.  Does that make it poisonous or dangerous?  No, it does not.  But you cannot be too careful with water.   

My dog drinks our tap water every day and there has never been an issue.  I throw a little bleach into the cistern every once in a while and all is good.  We wash our vegetables, use it when it has been boiled for coffee and tea,  brush our teeth with it etc.  Never an issue.

I think you will find a small inexpensive system added to your kitchen for drinking water will more than suffice (once you have been here a while and have built up your immune system a bit).   The $500 range comes to mind. 

I live in the Punta Cana area and have my own well.  Your area may be different. must have all the stats ever created to help out here...what's your take?

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