Cheapest way to send a 42 inch flat screen tv

Hi. I need some help 
I am moving to the DR in January with my husband who already lives there .I am trying to take with me my 42 inch TV. What is my best options to ship it .or bring it with me as an oversize baggage . I also would like to know if I will have to pay duty taxes at the airport on the TV. Even if it's used. Thank you for your help people .

Leave it and buy one here.  You'll likely pay 30% tax on whatever Customs decides the price is.  They're getting picky about electronics, more so than usual.  Prices here aren't that bad.

Unless you are bringing it with you when you have your duty free shipment after you have your Temp Residency, as Buck says leave it. I bought two new tvs, at super low prices, one a 42 in Sony and the other a 36 in Sony prior to shipping my things here. Mistake. Bottom line is after my shipment was torn apart, I ended paying enough so much that it would have been better to buy here. I even bought one here and I think the price was about 12,000 pesos.

It’s likely worth the $35 to join PriceSmart just to buy the TV!  The selection is decent (not like you’d have in US) with Samsung and other brands with HD, OLED and the other new features, all at reasonable prices.

I agree, just buy one here. Too much risk of it breaking, you lose any guarantee and the cost won't be to your favor.

While I love Pricemart for many things, electronics are not on that list.  Their prices are too high.  Same items can be bought in reputable stores for much less.

Planner - good to know that there are even better prices available! Our shopping in SD has been very limited and PriceSmart was way cheaper than we could find in Las Terrenas! Any specific stores you’d recommend?

Plaza Lama, Corripio, a small store that I use and has great deals on TV and air conditioners called JRR technology.  They have a Facebook page as well.

Ok, so I disagree.  I brought  2 new - 32" LED TV's as oversize luggage in December.  December is the month that as a resident you can bring up to $3000US of duty free products.  I wrapped both TV''s in their original boxes in brown paper and labelled them fragile.  I also put a sheet of 1/4" plywood in the box to protect the screen.  Both arrived in perfect condition and I did not pay any duty.  If you are not a resident tell them it's a Christmas present for your Dominican Mother-in-law.  It's probably worth taking a chance.  Worst case pay 18% duty on the TV... Maybe some people here in the DR don't realize how cheap TV's are in North America...

And there you go, the other side of the discussion from someone who has done it.

So, how much was the 32 inch TV?

And how much was the extra luggage charge?

Thanks everyone for your help .I think I will take your advice and buy there .We have a membership in price smart ,but I find the prices a bit high for Tvs .. comparing to here in canada .I would take a chance to bring it with me as oversize baggage but probably have to pay too much taxes once I get there and maybe get it destroyed in the commute . Thank you again your help was greatly appreciated

Hi planner. I am not exactly sure of the price because it depends on the size and weight of the box. And a 42 inch tv has a large box.  I read your comment on a store in the capital that sells TVs at half decent prices . Can you give me the name of this store and the were abouts its located in the capital.  When I was there in September I went to price smart shopping and for 40 inch or higher the prices start at 36000. Pesos so like 900.00 canadian dollars .that's expensive I think but I know they are the latest models but still alittle pricey. Thanks you

Store I prefer is JJR technology. They are on 27 de febrero a few blocks west of Churchill. 

Currently 42" Samsung smart TV is 22,900 Rd.

Thank you planner .I will get my husband to go there to check it out

less than 100 CDN new, but remember she is asking about used, meaning she has already invested in the TV...

That depends on the airline.  In my case I was bringing 12 luggage's plus 6 carry ons, the TV's being 2 of the total luggage (not over-sized in my case).  The total cost of luggage...$225CDN.

Just got back from Jumbo, 55" LED curved Smart TV approx. 45K pesos.

I have a small, 13" that I was going to use as a monitor for my Kindle. I have it in my carry-on. Robert is already making fun of me for bringing it. 😊 I am stubborn and just want to see if I can make it work. Are you guys telling me that they might confiscate it at customs and make me pay or throw it away? I doubt it is worth more than $50 US if that. But I don't want the hassle either. That would get me the "eye roll/told you so" from the hubs. Should I leave it here and just bring more swim suits??

Not a 13 inch, you are fine. They will be shocked you are even bringing it....

Lololol so is Robert!

I understand it. I work off a surface pro and I have a docking station and monitor on my desk. On weekends I just use my surface pro from home and there are some things I refuse to do..... it waits until Monday....LOL

I brought a 36 inch flat screen in a large suitcase as checked luggage. Customs was very agressive every time i had to dea
l with them

When I came in September. I had a 19 inch tv in one of my bags with my clothes. I didnt have a problem . But if you are going to try to bring a bigger TV like I  wanted to do .I think there would be questions asked .it would be easy for them  to see a big TV box ... So we bought one in the DR.

And they say size doesn't matter...

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

If you brought the TV for under $200 USD you will not pay taxes. Company called BM Cargo they will deliver the TV for you and handle all customs. you should have the TV within a week of bringing it to there facility.

Welcome to the forums.  There are many mail forwarders honey.  Remember to factor in both by the pound weight charges and any oversize charges. Double check with the shipper.

And customs will hold TV's based on what they think it's actually worth.  Many posts about customs and electrinics to not make it worthwhile.

If you ship by mudanza - no customs charges... 2-3 week delivery

They charge by the inch - standard fees....incl the import propina

I have done it 2-3 times

Willie my understanding is they are cracking on the "mudanza" lets see if that is actually going to happen!

I think I understand what you're saying.

There was (is?) a crackdown.... certainly when related to major appliances.

My friend tripped across a deal at Lowe's in FLA...
Samsung stove - discontinuing the model.
$1100 stove for ~$200
We each took one ...
His wife's primo (Cousin) was the shipper.

While in transit, the gov't issued a new edict...
limiting the number of major appliances per container to 22 or so.

Imagine... there are mudanzas in FLA who ship nothing but big appliances....
40ft containers = FULL!!
So the big shots ...Plaza Llama et al ...protested... successfully

Thanks to our family status, our stoves were selected as part of the allowed group.

My NYC mudanza rarely ships appliances - mostly food, clothing, the odd household item.
He has not been affected by any crackdown - I asked him

But what you've heard is correct.... a bit specific though, that crackdown

Yes this is  expected to get more thorough in terms of the crackdown.    Its based on the premise you cannot ship over US 200.  You cannot ship in order to "resell" here, that is a business transaction.

This past summer everyone had to "register" with aduanas via their mail forwarder account or things will start being held. That was because there are lets say 20 mail forwarders and I could have accounts with each one. And ship whatever accordingly.  Now you cannot do that as you are tracked via your ID now.

So the rules will soon be more widely applied as so many go around the rules and bring in quantities of whatever to resell. They sell cheaper then those who follow the law and pay their taxes.

My opinion would be; not to bring the TV. Around Christmas time some items are allowed for a family exemption but if you are not with a DR ID in hand that option is likely off the table. TVs are available at reasonable prices in the DR. Christmas sales will be evident into early January.  I think some brands sold locally at the larger dept stores are even better suited for the DR as they advertise having a built in special surge protector to accommodate the constant interruptions in electricity service (known to occur in the DR). That is the type I buy as others models may not hold up for long plugged direct into the wall.

This has started to get off topic and maybe another post should be started.  This post started with:

"I am trying to take with me my 42 inch TV. What is my best options to ship it ."

Not where can I buy a new TV cheaper.  Options and advice should be around taking an exisiting" TV to the DR.  It's used, not new, so I believe the best option is oversize luggage.  Worst case, highly unlikely, they will make you pay some taxes on it.  Still much cheaper than coming here and buying a new one.

You just have to weigh up the value of your existing TV.  If it has little value, give it away and start fresh.

Start another thread about where the best deals are...IMO

Maybe this has run its course!  I don't think it strayed far from the origins.

It's a used TV -- being imported......

should be settlers' effects.... free

Willie that only applies on a 1 time shipment of your household goods.

Glad someone brought this up. I have a 65 inch that I want to bring . Getting married soon once I have my residency any idea how much it would be to ship it? Any shipping company you recommend?

The chances of paying anything are slim to none on a used TV.  Just be honest if they ask.  If you do have to pay, it will still be less than buying a new TV.

IMHO think we beat this topic to death.

As for the 65", completely different animal.  You will have to ship it with a shipping company and be prepared to pay.  Probably better to sell it or give it to someone you care about.

65 inch Samsung at Pricesmart - $65000 pesos, an RCA for $38000 pesos.  It will probably cost you that much to ship it, pay duty and taxes and pray it gets here in one piece, not to mention packing it carefully, preferably in its original packing.

Yes I think we have covered this.  I am trying to get the thread closed but we have some glitches in the system!

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