Buying solar panels in Dominican Republic

HI my name is Lee  and I am moving to the north coast. I have a chance to buy solar at less than .50 cent US a watt but I want to know what the cost is in the Dominican Republic. Thankyou

You want to import them?  We had 6 solar panels installed for like 16k pesos...but we had brought an inverter ND had the batteries, charge controller, etc.. JB Solar in Puerto Plata...and my husband says they know their stuff which is a really rare compliment.

Thankyou for the response. Do you know how much the panels sell for in the Dominican Republic? Do you have info on how to contact the install company? Using the solar how much does your power bill run monthly? I  am new to the forum and will make the move hopefully later this year.

Hi Lee,

Personally, I highly recommend solar.  I have a large house that I installed solar last summer after a storm took away half my roof.  Now my electricity bills are 200 pesos a month and I cannot use the amount of energy I generate.  Full payback is about 4 years and if you are a tax payer then the government will give you a credit towards the cost.

For me: 5.7 kw system with invertor, 22 panels, new u\g cabling out to the main meter across the street and a bunch of extra work for under 9K usd. 5 year warranty and a reputable company.

Thanks for the info. I  am definitely going with solar. I have the opportunity to buy excess solar panels from a solar farm project. They are commercial grade 320 watt panels for $189 each. They have 100 to sell. I read a post on DR1 that stated solar panels are duty free. Not sure exactly what I will do but I will go solar. Also is anyone familiar with playa magante which is between Rio San Juan and Gaspar Hernandez? Thankyou for all of your help.

Mike - do you have batteries? We'll be building a home in Las Terrenas in 3 years and plan to be on the grid, but able to provide all our needed power via solar. We've experienced the intermittent power outages in the country and want to be sure we can store our excess solar for use at night (and cloudy days!).

I am not using batteries at the moment but plan to add them for emergency backup when the grid is down.  I understand it's about $500USD to add it to my existing system.

Solar is a great way to go.  A battery bank & a large or medium sized inverter can provide power for up to a day & a half. If you need A/C it will eat up the battery power fast. Inverter can be used to start & then the panels can be added. I've had an inverter w/ 6 batteries for 2 years. ( I don't use A/c.) Others can tell you of their experience with the panels alone. Keep it green!

JB Solar in Puerto Plata does a great job so far as we've seen and they let you do as much or as little as you like.

We did see on Alibaba like 50 solar panels for like $50 dollar US each...we're considering buying in bulk and bringing them in as part of our container...We plan to build two more houses eventually...and that would be the panels we would need.  Anyone have experience importing solar panels?

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50Us per each?????????????  are you joke????
may be 0.5US per watt 1 panel around 200-320W   250 x 0.5 US= 125US

Sorry Alex you will need to go put an ad in the classifieds please.


And yeah I've seen Soler panels of various wattage and various prices. I like to live on my boat so with 4:deep cell batteries a couple solar panels and a wind generator with a backup gas generator it's affordable and efficient unless your trying to live some lavish lifestyle.

Makes sense on a boat!


hi can you give more info about the compaany who fix it in MP

and if somebody else has knowledge of good companies in the east or santo domingo

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