New Village Resort near Kathmandu,

Planning to built  a beautiful Resort near Kathmandu with Mountain View. Any suggestions welcome for , management and operation, tariff for food and room etc.

Lots of features including , homestay, spa, meditation camp, tented BBQ Camp fire, music bands, hiking, etc.

I would strongly advise you not to do another guesthouse/resort. There are already too many of them and many have gone out of business. It's going to take a long time for the world to catch up from this last year.
Instead, I would love for you to invest the money in a bamboo processing machine so people can grow bamboo for the pollution and you can make a lot more money when you make thread for pashmina scarves and shirts from it. Check it out in Thamel in the pashmina stores. They have to bring the raw material from China.
Bamboo is the best thing to help the environment and you can make a lot of money doing it. You could easily get a grant for such a project, too. Let's build Nepal better than we thought possible.

Thank you very much for your valuable advice.  Yes, I have heard bamboo business is boosting in Nepal and it's a great sustainable agro based business. 
Personally, I have no any experience in bamboos business, I need to do enough research before I start this business. I need to do know suitable land and climate to grow bamboo. I have plenty of land for such business but no idea whether my land and climate suits for this business.

My plan to build a village Resort is little bit different what other are operating. I have my own clientele and my size of resort I don't expect any problems. It's not only the resort but going to be first of its kind in close distance from capital.  It's my village, so other wise I will enjoy my stay there in pollution free environment, bring few my friends and enjoy our retirement there. 

There are many hotel and resorts around Kathmandu and outside which I think not bad and local tourism also growing. What I consider Nepal future in in Agriculture and Tourism that government and people need to focus. We have 2 billions plus markets on the north and south. We need to open the market for this opportunity. Nepal can be the richest country in south east Asia. We need to bring millions of labour force back to Nepal for which we first need to make ready to provide jobs and business opportunities . Unfortunately, Nepal government is not paying any attention.

Anyway, I appreciated your advice which I think I should consider.