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Hi, I had a stroke 8 years ago whilst living in Etterbeek, and was treated in st luke.
After I can out of surgery, I discovered that I had lost the ability to speak French. I asked the doctors about this and they said itvwas common for the brain that I had lost.
How do I go about applying for citizenship here?
I have lived here for 10 years now.


Here are the requirements for the "10 years" option to get the nationality.

18 years old+
Your certificate of birth
You must have a permanent resident card (B, C, D, E, E+, F, F+, annexe 8, annexe 8bis,
You must have lived in Belgium for the last 10 years (of legal stay) without any interrupt.
History of residentship certificate to be fetch at your commune.
Pay the fee of +/-150€ (you'll need to print a proof of payment from your bank / online bank)
Proof that you've at least an A2 level in FR/NL/DE
Prove your economic and / or socio-cultural participation in Belgium
You write a cover letter to explain your case and your attachments to Belgium (you can also add signed letters from the (belgian/eu) neighborhoods (signature legalized is way better), (belgian/eu) friends, sport club, ... + any proof of what you're stating, payslips, work contracts, ...). Add as much proof as possible to proof your integration.

So, in your case, unless you're retired or officially declared "disabled" by doctors, you'll need to learn it again and pass an examination to get the A2 or above.
Tips: showing a B1, B2 or C1 certificate is way better to proof your integration.

Also add medical papers from the doctors that you did lost the ability to speak French, and you decided to learn it again. That's a good added value to your file.

Good luck!

Use the 5 year stay if you are continuosly working for 5 years supported by recent (12 consecutive months of pay statement). That way, you don't need any language certificate. Birth certificate  translated by a court authorized translator. When you submit them at the city hall, you will be given a ticked checklist or if your paperworks are in order, you will be asked to pay €150 online then they will post you your receipt to be sent back to the commune/gemeente. Hope this helps. 😊


After you submit receipt of 150 euro payment at the commune, did you have to sign pledge/oath ? I heard about it somewhere but can't find official confirmation/document/links anywhere.

Typical steps at Commune in Brussels

01. Submit all documents at commune
02. Commune checks all documents
03. Commune calls back to pay 150 euros online.
04. Submit the receipt of 150 euros at commune. Pay 50 euros at commune. Sign pledge/oath. Commune gives “Receipt - Confirmation of admissibility of the file”.

The steps may be a bit different.
In my experience. Flanders

01. Verify all documents at the commune 
02. If all is Okay, they ask to pay the court fee either by email or via Myfin
03. Submit all documents at the commune with proof of 150 euros with a self-signed pledge/oath.
There is no letter provided by the commune for “Receipt - Confirmation of admissibility of the file”


@Kdeepak hi, did the police come to your house? If so, how long after submitting documents at commune?


They come usually after 3-4 weeks. 

At some communes, they take 1 month to forward it to prosecutors office. If so, those communes notify you by mail that they have forwarded your file to prosecutors office. In this case, you have to count 3-4 weeks from the day you receive the post. 

@Lizliz55 yes police indeed visited i think within 1-2 months. 

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