Civic integration exam closed in my country | What to do

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are staying safe & doing well.

This is Nikita here from India and I need to apply for a mvv for the Netherlands as my boyfriend lives there.
I have been preparing for the civic integration exam, however tragedy struck with corona and the Netherlands embassy in India is still closed for taking the civic integration exam.
So what are my options? Should i wait for a couple of more months or can i give the exam in Berlin Germany as I am planning to go on a long distance visa to Netherlands in december.
Your help would be greatly appreciated :)


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You can take the exam anywhere except in the Netherlands, but I expect you may find the same problem in Berlin.  My advice is to get your boyfriend to speak to the IND (contact info) and ask for their advice.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
So you mean that the exam might be closed in berlin as well right?
We wil check

Hi again.

Perhaps; the COVID pandemic has caused major disruption everywhere; hence my advice for your boyfriend to speak to the IND to get the latest information for you.

Expat Team

Don't think so
i did my exams yesterday in Macedonia so i think for sure most of embassies are working

How was your exam, hope good.

i think it went pretty good for me ;]
did you do them or have a date to do them soon ?

Hi!  Currently I live in Colombia, here the embassy was also closed, what we did was that through the website I registered and paid for the exam. They responded immediately with my candidate number, with this, I got in on a waiting list at the embassy. We paid it on August 4, a few weeks later the embassy called me to take the exam on September 4. Maybe you can ask if you can do the same, and save your spot.
Hope it helps!

Have a date to do it soon.

Hey jairssg,
so you were to able to give the exam within a month in the embassy at Colombia even when it was closed? Assuming you did give your exam on September 4th

Basically you pay your exams fees and once the embassy is open they set a date for you or you choose it yourself ;]

Oh great.
I hope they do open soon in my country  :sosad:

Yes, even they are still close for some other process, but yes, I guess because of the amount of people waiting to take the exam, they had to make an exception

That's great to hear. Hope your exam went well

Thank you! i hope you can be able to do yours soon!

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