Looking for a house

We are family of 4 with 2 cats, we plan to move to Bangkok soon, our kids will go to Lycee  Française International de Bangkok. We would like to live near to school expat area, much appreciate for your kind advices.

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I would advise you to create an advert in Housing in Bangkok where you can also check the latest advert of houses for sale.


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Rent a house certainly but don't buy as, being an alien, you can't own it ... and for heaven's sake don't trust any Thai who says they can own it on your behalf.


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@Charlieryadan we have the same question as you had. Where to live, close to the French school?

Hello Aimee1977,

This thread is a bit old, I don't know whether the participants will get notified of your question.

Try opening a new thread on the forum.

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@Bhavna yes i did! But thanks for reminding