Elections 2020

As many of us know its election year here in the Dominican Republic.  I am getting lots of questions about the process this year. With Covid 19 measure in place there have been a lot of changes.

In a nutshell -  our presidential election is now July 5.   IF one of the presidential candidates does not win with a majority, then there will be a runoff of the top 2 on July 26.  The winner is sworn in August 16.

And its not just a president, its a vice president, 32 Senators and 190 deputies! 

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds while attempting to manage Covid 19, social distancing etc.

This thread is about the process and our comments as observers. Unless you are a citizen you have no say in elections here.  It is illegal to take part, to support candidates or participate in any way. 

As an observer I find it all very interesting.  This is my 5th election cycle here.....   In the past they have always been unbelievably loud and raucous.  Dominicans are passionate about politics! 

From what I see and understand,  it looks like there will be a change in government and all that this entails!

I am very surprised the elections would not be cancelled as in other countries.

With social distancing not being respected by many the few of us whether you can vote or not find this a complete masquerade.


Biggest changes if government changes?

To address the cancellation - there is no constitutionally allowed way for this to happen! 

And there would be full on riots if they tried!

Second - we currently have a PLD lead government.  They have been in power now since 2004.  All their associates and cronies are in positions of power.  Entire govt entities are full of loyalists.   Recently in the news are stories of families being on govt payrolls and not actually doing anything.  Housekeepers being paid 60,000 Rd a month, sisters, bothers, cousins, in law's etc on payroll at grossly inflated wages.

It's nothing new.

If another party wins all those people are removed.  I like to think properly prepared and qualified people will then take over.  We all know that is dreaming!

New people take over, new processes often are implemented and it all means delays.

It seems common sense this will never prevail.  In spite of what you say they should find a way to cancel the elections.  Based on your previous statement about healthcare for the "poor" this virus will spread like wildfire.  But then I'm just a visitor trying to get out of here.


I  understand your comments.  What I would do or you seem to be common sense. However here that will not likely hold water!  Sad.  And changes to the constitution will not pass. There is NO political will to delay this in any way.

Very sad. 

They really are their own worst enemies.  How can a developing country like DR ever hope to really jump out of this strangle hold if they don't control the virus and rid themselves (not a popular thinking) of the extreme hold the US has on its country and many other smaller countries.  It would take a brave politician to change direction.  Won't happen soon!


No idea what you are talking about -  the extreme  hold the US has  -  that isn't even an issue in terms of our elections here!

The reopening plan is very much tailored to the election timetable.

A schedule to be there or thereabouts by election day, but probably knowing it all could go pear shaped too if the population don't respect social distancing.

And don't be surprised if in another 8/9 days, the daily numbers are still on the up and the President is left with no option to seek and other extension to the period of emergency. He needs it anyhow to phase the openings and the curfew is a 'god send' to keep numbers down.

Only the PRM are saying no more extensions, and the Peoples Force (part of former PLD majority in lower house) are saying it would be considered and negotiated. Leonel is a smart politician and knows that should he get into the run off for President he would need the PLD supporters behind him.

Interesting politics in a national health emergency.

Frankly the whole thing is a mess-really nothing else to add-just a mess.



A total mess and the elections and the politics continue to distract from the real need for the population and to deal with covid19 effectively.

To me the elections on July 5th look unrealistic in current conditions and someone must have a crystal ball believing they can still happen. Maybe in under 7 weeks covid19 is gone here?

The election will happen guys.  First there is no legal provision for not having it. And second there would be riots everywhere!  So which is better: some kind of controlled  election or simply riots and then we need an election anyway?

I for one will stay well clear of everything. I will do the shopping for essentials,  maybe  go for walks in my neighborhood and continue as I am! 

For now,  no  caravans or election events which is a very good thing!   Imagine an election where there are NO Caravans and stupid noisy events right up to voting day??? That would be awesome...... 

Time will tell.

The country is now 6 weeks away from elections and is opening up yet covid19 cases are not decreasing.....over 400 today with less than 2000 tests and higher positivity. Lots of new cases in now very busy Greater Santo Domingo. End the curfew and just think what will happen!

Because of opening up it is most unlikely that cases will decrease. The virus dies not work like that, it spreads to more people if the transmission rate is not controlled below or at one, and the only way proven to reduce the transmission rate is isolation. DR didn't get below 1 at all and not for the recommended 7 days.

So we could probably continue to see approximately 300 to 400 cases daily depending on testing numbers or more probably higher, between now and polling day. And if there are any election rallies the chance of greater spread is going to be much higher.

A potential mess, perhaps a serious health crisis, could be looming and whatever party wins the situation they inherit in August could be very bleak indeed.

Politics has been covid19's friend and helps it advance.

I know Planner says there is nothing in the DR constitution to stop the elections, however regardless of that, like other countries stop the elections bring to troops out and show whose boss.  Yes easier said than done and I guess as the current Gov is weak the new Gov will also be weak, so no gain for anyone.

You need strong democratic Gov to govern and good opposition to oppose and it looks whatever happens in DR that isn't  going happen soon, shame for its people and the country.

As far as opening up, well the economic pressures are huge.  Italy, Germany and France have take calculated gambles but it appears to be working out with bars, cafes & schools back to near normality.

When go back to the state of Italy and its hospitals in such a mess it really is quite a turnaround.


The Constitution can be changed if there are the votes, two thirds is the number I believe.

It can only happen if politicians unite and see the light for all Dominicans and not their rear end.

For that reason it won't happen.

It cannot be done in the time we have available. Its not allowed.  Sorry Ducketts.  I may agree with you but I also see the facts.

The Supreme court just threw out a request to even hear arguments as it is not allowed under the constitution.

So lets address the rallies and spread:

One thing we learned from Puerto Plata is that the  expected spread did not happen. Here is what I think:  its because it all happened outdoors!  There is much  less spread outdoors! 

The spread in Santo Domingo will  explode because of people gathering indoors - on the metro, in stores etc.

Maybe if rallies and caravans are only outside - maybe - it wont be as bad?

Just thinking out loud here!

Look at the social distancing all around the potential new President in the video clip in this article.

https://noticiassin.com/abinader-afirma … -gobierno/

I guess we have to start thinking of living with this, taking all the necessary measures to prevent for getting it and start planning to go to vote.
If we go to supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, jobs, etc., why not going to vote?

Yessir.... you will NOT beat this

Cope w/ it, adjust..... survive it

Beat it ??

Hopefully, we're going to beat it at the end. The body will start to adapt as we did with the Yellow Fever. The sad thing it's we're going to loose so many dear people on the way.

For most of us this is a non issue as we dont vote. However the repercussions would effect us. Most of us have residency but are not citizens!

In the US they actually avoided huge issues in voting. Studies show that you need to be in the area with others in close proximity for a period of time.  The longer the time the greater the threat of spread.   

I don't have high hopes that there won't be crowds gathering indoors for this but it's possible.

Of course Planner you're right.

If politicians don't respect Gov orders and don't respect social distancing, it's a danger to us all.


And the caravans!

A political rally in SFM led to a whole lot of virus and death in Duarte and adjacent provinces.

Be warned.

Currently caravans and rallies are not.allowed!  Let's see who respects that!

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