Looking for a new job but only speak English. Please help.


I came from Croatia to Belgium in 2018. The very next Day i started to work with My uncle in this company in Herstal, I worked there for almost two years I even got a full time contract from the company. But when the new manager came he treated me very poorly and made me quit My job and i did quit My job and now i have a problem because i only speak english and nobody else doesnt want to hire me because of that. I even went to capac and i got the c4 papper and i was told that i would go on a meeting with some People from LFA but when i came there the language was again the problem and They told me i have to wait for a month for their respond and then i would have to send them an email on english to tell them why i left my job and then They would translate it and i would have to wait more and im not even sure if They would help me The problem is i dont have enough money for rent and food for that much time to wait and i dont want to lose everything i worked hard for that much time, i have a belgian ID i have a car i pay tax and I dont know who i can ask for help anymore. I saw this forum and i hope somebody can give me some advice or help, anything would be helpfull, thank you for your time for reading this.


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Just to inform you that i changed the title of your thread. I hope other member can advise you soon.

You can also create your CV in the jobs in Belgium section.

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I will give you some leads.

But for me, you are entirely responsible for your situation. Because when you settle in a foreign country, you learn the local language to be able to manage in case of problems.

- First, go and register in the CPAS of your municipality. They will help you with food and accommodation.
- Secondly, go and register with the unemployment services.
http://www.actiris.be/tabid/173/languag … tiris.aspx
- Third, register for French lessons for foreigners. You just need to contact the administrative services of the Belgian city where you live.
- Fourth, request registration for the integration course.

As a reminder, Belgium has three national languages (French, Dutch, German). English has never been and never will be.


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