Saudi culture and embassy attestation

I submitted degrees for attestation on jan 12 and verified from my respective universities who have said that the verification from them is my agent is saying that the saudi culture and embassy give a generated number but thats not available because the server is down . It will be a month soon . Does anyone have any idea how much longer will i have to wait? And how can the server be down. I feel something ia fishy.

server down !  yes thats new. first be sure of the agent you to dealing with. usually, if the document are attested from university and foreign office . than culture, office have some requirements on fulfilling them it takes 1 week from their side. than saudi embassy takes only 2 to 3 days for attesting them.

Same here. Submitted on 13th January. No response from them yet.

Did you contact the university directly, or your agent told you so?

Well , you can visit saudi culture your self for attestation. But for embassy only agents can do

I've submitted through the agent now. Is there a way to contact the saudi culture?

yes they have land line numbers . i will try to find and will share

Thanks! That would be of great help.

0092 51 2827876, 2201572   saudi culture mission isb contact numbers

Thanks a lot

Welcome  :)

Contacted university directly

Any update till now?

No updates. I'll be calling the attestation office today.

So I just contacted the attestation office in Islamabad. They refused to tell me the status of my submission, they said just contact your agent and he will tell you. Upon further asking they said that it normally takes about 30-40 days in general.

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