Accident on the highway

Dear Expats,

I had an accident on the highway on my way home to work. This was on a weekend. Now after having paid to transport the car and having insurance for the car, I still got a letter from the fire fighters to pay a sum amounting to almost 2000 EUR for the accident. Although there was no fire at the accident scene but there were materials from the car littered on the road. There was nobody injured, no car was affected and I  have also paid for the ambulance that picked me up to the hospital. Who among you have experience with this? I found this amount too much to pay and I have a deadline of a month to pay it. I just received the letter today for the first time.

Your advice would be much appreciated!

If you caused the accident, the fire brigade and ambulance are right to claim the costs from you and you better pay for it.
If you have "Vollkasko" car insurance and German health insurance, you may get some or all of it reimbursed by the respective insurers, so contact them!
(And do drive more carefully in future!)

Depends on your insurance. It is best to contact your insurance company. They should actually do that too.

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