question about blabla car !

Hi! Has anyone tried blabla car ? is it really fast and cheaper than trains in germany ?
is it safe ??

Blabla car is merely listing private car sharing deals - the site provider does not own the cars. Thus price, schedule and safety depend on individual drivers. It is generally cheaper than trains and relatively safe (but do take care which kind of driver/car you select!). Whether it's faster depends on the route and how many stops are made.
A more predictable alternative are long distance buses.

Thanks beppi.  What is the buses other than fix bus because it is not in my city

Flixbus is continually buying other long distance bus providers and becoming the market leader, but there are still a few others. You can find them on several long distance bus websites (one example is
I am not sure if any of them goes to your city (Cairo, according to your profile).

I use blablacar since I live in Germany. Specially the first year I used to drive to Italy every two weeks. I'm a driver, not a passenger, and I had always nice people with me and all the trip went well, but one. We were stopped by the Swiss frontier police and we wasted 4 hours there. 3 passengers were not allowed to cross the Switzerland.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you are not EU citizen, no matter what local permit of stay you have, you need your passport with valid VISA in a Schengen country to cross borders between two Schengen countries.

I love using blablacar! It is definitely a cheaper method to get around Europe than the buses or the trains!
But it is true that you need to be a bit careful when choosing your driver. Each time they give someone a lift, they are then rated by the passenger. This means that they can make sure the driver is legit and safe.

i have a question, if the driver doesn't have ratings, what questions would you ask to give you peace for the ride?

@Vickooherndez  Is it male or female? To be really honest, I only take rides from women who have good ratings. Probably being overly protected but I feel safer that way since you know it's a real profile. I love blabla car tho great and it's been really helpful..