Dependent Spouse Type D Visa Belgium-Travel Date rule-VISA start date

Hi All,

I have recently moved to Brussels, Belgium for work from India on single permit in January.

My wife is also going to join me soon, her visa has already been received with a start for March end.
She would be travelling in dependent visa type D to join me here.
Her Visa is valid till mid September.

I wanted to know whether there is any restriction on the travel date with respect to the visa validity period. Due to some medical reasons she wont be able to travel on planned time of March end, but can travel after 2-3 months, i.e. around June (well within the visa validity of Sep).

Is there a time limit based from Belgian Consulate on the VISA start date within which she needs to travel to avoid any issues for her travel or Belgium Resident registration process at City Hall?

Please help.


She can enter during the validity period of her visa.

Thanks for response.

So there wont be any issues if she travels in June, later than original planned date of Mar end? This is considering both from Belgium Consulate end and also Belgium City authorities for the resident registration?

Also should there be any concern from my office which is basically sponsoring her dependency travel and her stay in Belgium?

Please let me know.

Exactly as Aneesh said, no issue as long as her visa is not expired.

If she's coming in June, she'd still have 4 months to receive her id card from the commune, so no problem at all.
Just don't forget to immediately go to the commune when she arrives :cheers:

Thanks a lot Aneesh and Alex for your prompt help!

Much appreciated! :)

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