Retirement Visa for Brazil

The Brazilian Government has approved a replacement for the old Permanent Visa for Retirees, that was eliminated for new applicants as part of the 2017 Immigration Reform.

As was the case with the old Permanent Visa (VIPER) for family reunion, the new visa for retirees is a temporary visa, probably in the VITEM series.  Visaholders will need to apply to the Federal Police once they arrive in Brazil to receive authorization to remain, and their CRNM.  The authoritative document is:
"Resolução Normativa No. 40, de 2 de Outubro de 2019", published in the Diário Oficial da União on November 27, 2019.  You can read it here: … e%25202019

Initial validity is for two years; terms of renewal are left to future Normative Resolutions.  The minimum requirement for monthly income transfers to Brazil continues to be $2000 US.  One new requirement is proof that the applicant has health insurance valid in Brazil already in force.

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