RN license and work visa

Hello! I'm thinking about moving to Brazil, maybe São Paulo or Belo Horizonte. I was wondering if I could get some information on obtaining a work visa. Also, I will have my nursing license for the United States, but I don't know anything about the process of validating that license abroad. If anyone has any information or tips, let me know! If this helps, I can speak Portuguese and Spanish.

Short answer no.

No Portuguese, no license. No license, no visa.

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Your nursing registration needs to be recognized here in Brazil by a process called "Revalidation" and it is explained in the following topic thread:


Absolute fluency in Portuguese is going to be necessary in any field related to medicine as you're going to have to communicate effectively with doctors, other hospital staff, patients and their families. Without a firm base in Portuguese the potential for disasterous errors due to miscommunication is a real danger.

While you seem to have all the necessary language skills, the process of revalidation is so bureaucratic that it may not be worth all the effort in your case.

Perhaps you do well to expand your job search ideas to other fields of medicine such as working for a pharmaceutical company, healtcare insurance provider, etc., since doctors and nurses here in Brazil are poorly paid. You'd probably make much more working in the industry that is related to medicine, but not directly in a hospital environment. Just a thought.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

I apologize.  Didn't note your language skills.

hello, I live in sao paulo and my mother is nursing assistant if you have any doubts talk to me?

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Is possible to work within the health industry aside working in the hospital as a nurse

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06/29/23 @Mercy Odemwingie.  Welcome!  This is a very old thread and James passed away several years ago, but the information that he provided about revalidation of credentials in Post #3 above is still largely true.  Since Nigeria is not a party to the Apostille Convention, legalization of any Nigerian documents you would plan to present must be completed at a Brazilian Consulate in Nigeria before your trip.

Only people who enter Brazil legally on an immigrant visa -- not a tourist visa -- can be legally employed, and the labor laws are strictly enforced.

There are many non-professional jobs in the Brazilian health care sector -- cleaners, cooks, carriers, etc. -- but pay is low, hours are long, and turnover is high.  It is difficult for even a legal immigrant who does not speak Portuguese well to obtain these jobs, especially any that require frequent contact with patients or the  public.