Did I get the right stamp on my passport?


I am a British citizen currently in Brazil on a Student Visa (VITEM IV) which expires on the 28th Feb 2015. Last month I flew to Argentina to return to Brazil on a tourist visa (I had the intention of extending my stay by a month till the end of March on a tourist visa). When I arrived back from Argentina, I told the border officer at Guarulhos that I intend to return as a tourist as my flight back to England is at the end of March. He seemed to have understood and said '60 days' before stamping my passport, which upon calculation gives me till the 28th March 2015.

When I reached home, I noticed that the reentry stamp he had given me had the number 554 rather than 513. During my previous visits to Brazil as a tourist I have always received a 513 stamp. I was wondering if there has been a mistake? Have I reentered Brazil on my student visa? And would this be a problem when I leave at the end of March?

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I'm going to have to defer on this one, to somebody who has entered and exited Brazil recently. It appears that the stamp numbers are different than they were back when I entered and exited this country.

It used to be that the entry stamp for a TOURIST was 5541 after the date of entry and the exit stamp was 5542 after the date of departure.

What is really important regardless of what number you actually got on your entry stamp is if the officer actually entered 60 days in the box marked PRAZO in the lower-right corner.

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Thank you for your reply James! And sorry for the confusion. The stamps that I received in 2013 when entering as a tourist was 5131/5132. The most recent stamp that I've received upon reentry from Argentina is 5541 (there's a space between the last two digits and I didn't realise they were seen as a sequence of 4 numbers).

I had a look at my arrival card which states 5541 CLAS. 1; DOC. 3; PRAZO 60 dias.

The flight that I am looking to rebook is on the 4th April, which means overstaying by 8 days. The question is am I overstaying on a tourist or student visa? It seems, although I'm not sure, that he's extended my student visa till the 28th March rather than giving me a tourist visa. Would it make sense to exit and reenter Brazil again as a tourist to cover the 8 days?

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you.


No, not really and in fact it could possibly complicate matters. While an overstay here in Brazil won't be a big deal as long as you pay the fine, the future possible consequences in other countries and obtaining visas there are too great to risk the overstay here. They will follow you for the lifetime of your current passport in the form of an overstay stamp, and possibly even longer if Brazil shares immigration information with other countries (as most nations do). They will record on their database not only your current passport number, but full name, nationality, and biometric data that they have access to. So even a new passport may not get you around that obstacle. I would really suggest that you strongly consider an earlier flight out that would not involve an overstay at all. That's always the best course of action.


Do you know if it would be possible to extend my visa again by 8 days at the Policia Federal?

Sir! I applied for my permanent visa and as you told me, I requested to the police officer to verify my passport with a stamp of permanency because foreign authority of airport may check it. He did put 2 stamps on my passport. The second stamp was about his name and signature and the first one had a blank line that was filled by him with his pen as ``permanente``.  Is it a right stamp?

It certainly is the right stamp.... the most beaufiful word in this country for us expats  PERMANENTE. :D

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What do my stamps mean that I received last month?
Thank you

Yes, they're entry and exit stamps

I do see that this is an old thread. But I hope there is still a chance for some help.

Normally the 4 last digits in the passport stamp is 513 1 entering and 513 2 exiting

I have arrived through IGU this time and the stamp is 580 5 and 580 6

Can anyone explain the difference?

I have a 2 year work visa. However, I am not sure if I arrived as a tourist, ora worker (Seaman) Upon entering. I only provided passport when entering the country. They did not ask for Seamansbook, or immigration card.

If you arrived via IGU you went through immigration's and if you did not show work visa you probably entered under EU tourist visa.
Yo must show any other card/visa. They will not ask and probably assumed you are from a waiver country and have 90 days from entry


There is no way to tell the difference by the numbers on the stamp?

Both stamps are next to the work visa in the passport. And I remember her checking it.
However, normally I enter through Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and I must in addition show my immigration card, and my seaman’s book.

Well if they saw your visa, no issue and probably under the work visa. 2017 laws changed o not sure about the numbers, so I will "bump" to someone who may know.

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