Validity of Permanent Residence

Following is posted on IND website

“Permanent residence permit
You are allowed to stay outside of the Netherlands for either a maximum of 6 months in a row, or 3 years in a row each year for a maximum of 4 months in a row. . “

Can anyone please help me understand whats the meaning of the above statement.
Does it mean one can stay outside Netherlands for one or two years, if one visits Netherlands within every six months ?


NOPE, you absolutely interpret it in reverse.

It simply means that you have the right to a maximum absence of six months (at one time) over a period of three years. Or four months a year over a three-year period.

Thanks for your response.

Thanks for your response.
If I understand correctly then it means that a person can stay maximum six months in a row  ( no break in that 6 months ) outside Netherlands and once enters back in Netherlands the counter of 6 months gets reset.
Is it correct ?

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