Canada immigration agent from UAE

Hi Anybody has any information on a good and reliable consultant for canada immigration from UAE.
Canada PR programme.


I wouldn't recommend any whatsoever.   

The Government website is very clear about the process and documentation.  In addition, there are lots of forums with advice from people who have been through this. A lot of people I know did it entirely themselves without any issues. If you qualify for it, you will get it but if you don't, a consultant can't help in any way - except if they suggest dodgy or illegal means to prove things.

The consultants take your money and do the same thing that you did yourself.

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Xtang is right, it is a very good piece of advice. Here is the link to the website : … nship.html

[at]mayanksharmaca, any question, feel free to ask them here.  The expat community in Canada will surely guide you.

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