Filipina, just married in Norway while on Tourist Visa!

Hi, I am new here. I am looking for someone who can give advice regarding my situation.  Just want to know how to change my tourist visa to family immigration(if possible).
I am a license Filipina teacher in Philippines ,  got  married to my Norwegian boyfriend here in Norway last week, while on tourist visa. Problem is, my visa will expires 2 weeks from now.

1. Is there any possibility for me to apply and  change my visa to family immigration? If so, how and what possible requirements should we prepare?
2. After the wedding, the mayor who conduct our wedding gave us our temporary marriage certificate. Is it possible for us to use it for the application of my visa?
3. Is it possible for me, to use my school credentials when it has not stamped?

1. Yes, I sent you a direct message and answered this question in your other thread.

2. Some has used this, and then sent the registered version to UDI/politi as "to follow" documents once it is available, you can make a letter regarding this that you will send the registered version once you receive it from skatteetaten.

3. Based on my experience and several people I have helped (more than 15), no need for any red ribbon or apostille regarding school documents. I/we just presented original and certified photocopy of TOR,PRC and diploma at the politi.

Thank you steph for giving us this idea. It means a lot. God speed!


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