Is it possible to bring a child to Norway while on a student visa?

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So I've been thinking of applying for a university in Norway as a student. I've seen their requirements online and I think I qualify. My question is, would they allow me to bring my 2 year old along with me? I'm a single mom with no immediate family that can look after her.

Ps:- I would like to apply as a self sponsored student.  Any insights will be highly appreciated

hi SkylarAthena.

yes, i believe this is possible.. you can check the UDI site here:

as far as i know, your daughter can apply with you and your application will be processed together, with you as her reference person. tho you can check with the Norwegian embassy from your country to be sure about this. below are what UDI states as qualifications for you to immigrate your daughter:

Requirements for the reference person

* You must have or have applied for a residence permit as a student at a university college or university.
* You must have at least one year left of your studies in Norway.
* You must have an income of at least NOK 252 472 per year pre-tax . This can be income from employment, loans or grants received in connection with studies, and money that you or the applicant has in an account. You cannot have received social security benefits during the last 12 months.

source: Family Immigration -

also please bear in mind that pre-school day-care centers are not offered for free in Norway. For further details, check with the local municipality (kommune) in Norway you plan to move to. you can also check New in Norway website for some helpful information you might need to know upon moving to Norway..

Hope this helps, i wish you all the best

Awesome! Your response has been very helpful. I appreciate. Thank you! 😊

You should have also enough money because the life in Norway is very expensive and fo your student visa application, you should block on an account enough money for a year...

Noted. Thanks

just to add, as ur daughter's reference person, you can be exempted for the income requirement, since she is below 15 yrs old and have no carers in her home country: Income requirements -

however, like steffifi said, you need to have ur own funds to be able to provide for urself in norway.. as per UDI requirement, for 2015 it is at least NOK 100 920 per year as one of the requirements for the student residence permit.. but realistically, u probably need more considering the amount of rent here in Norway and other necessity costs.. here is a relevant thread about costs for students in Norway:  How much it cost to study in Norway? -

and try visit this thread as well:
Cost of living in Norway – 2015

@pheebz0501, first of all, I want to thank you for all the information you've been giving people on this blog. I've seen you in several threads and I think your input and response has been a help to many. For that, I thank you. I do understand the cost of living will be very high and I'm prepared.(as prepared as one can be!) I was just worried they wouldn't let me take my daughter with me but if it's possible then it'll be ok.  :)

you're welcome and im glad that i can help :)

its good to know that u are financially prepared.. ;)  before moving to norway and doing my research too, ive always read people saying its expensive in Norway.. but i never really realized "how expensive" it can be until i started visiting here and finally moving here...

moving on,  i wish you all the best and good luck with you and your daughter's application :)

Same, good luck :)

Norway... A so beautiful country but so expensive... We can't all get, of course, but if you can go there, go :)

Thanks everyone for your response. I'm looking forward to moving to Norway  :)

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As I've same questions,  I want to know if you made it. Also,  could you please share   tips if any?

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Hello, did you relocate?

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