Moving from Scotland UK to Tunisia

Hi there just looking for any useful tips or advise I am a Scottish woman lived in Scotland all my life. I have a Tunisian partner we have been together 5 years..... he lives in Scotland.
He really misses home and would like me to move to Tunisia with him summer 2020 and get married.  I am worried that I am too western for living in Tunisia full time. I am worried I won’t be able to find a job and provide for myself and my family there. We are both sick of Scotland !! Always cold and wet .... we just work in depressing work places hardly make any money due to all the bills we have here in the uk. We both want to settle and live a little more stress free.... but I have so many concerns.... would love to speak to any British people who now live in Tunisia and can share any tips.


Hi I am a english lady who has been living here for2 years and love it!!! My stepdaughter came out to visit me last year and is now engaged to a Tunisian and coming to live here permantely. So you can get advice from me an older woman and me stepdaughter whois in her30.s!!! Just ask and I will try and helpyou.

Good afternoon Kay hope your well ! Thank you so much for your reply .... yes !!! Would love to know more about your experiences and simple things like how u manage to open bank ac etc .... I don’t know if there is a option to speak privately ? As I am new here many thanks

Hi, there is so much to say. Can we connect via messenger and I'd be happy to have a call and tell you everything I've learned in my 4 and a half years here 😁

PM me

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