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Hi All .I have been living in Mauritius for approx 5 years now .My nationality is South African .my South African health insurance policy only covers me for 90 days stay abroad . This policy is not working for me as I don’t travel back to South African as often as I used to. I am looking for a global health policy that can cover me in other countries should I require hospitalization or surgery . I would be very grateful  for any suggestions relating to the above .

I just receive an advertising email and I thought of ur post. Might be helpful for you. Phoenix International Health Cover call on 2123939 for details.

Thank you shen wei for for feedback which is much appreciated . I will call the number and get more details . There is also another international company called Cigna .Would also like to know if anyone is a member .Thank you in advance

Not a problem.

You can seek help from the insurance agencies.

I have used Aetna International, the office that covers this area is probably Dubai and they may well have an agency in Mu. Been with then like 10 years plus and never had any can get cover for Africa/India only or worldwide with or without America. The one I have covers Africa, India inc South Africa and Mauritius.

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