Expats and computer enthusiasts, please share your hobbies with us!

Hello everyone,

For this week’s topic, we are calling on all geeks and computer enthusiasts to learn more about your favourite tech-related activities.

Do you have adequate Internet access and are able to play via network gaming? Are computer stores within easy reach or do you have to make your own setup and order online?

After becoming an expat, did you notice any changes when it comes to your consumption habits or hobbies?

What are your favorite games, finds or electronic gadgets?

Thanks for your participation.


I am not a Gamer but I play game in my smart phone (Candy Crash SAGA) crossed 420 Levels  :)

basically  i don't get time to play games on PC , My hobby is every day I Read my Region , nation and International News online ...

I'm not gamer. I play Elevate for improving my brain capabilities. Lol

Well i cant say i am pro in game but mostly when ever i am free i play games alot till my full free time ..games like pes2020 .. pubg .well about gadgets i am very fond of making videos like while going hiking or any place which makes me wow .. and when i finally land there i am thinking of making video of lightning in ocean .though there are lot of place to make incredible video but that lightning one i am looking forward for ...

Heey. I am a gamer.Yeeeey.

I like fps shooter games: Call of Duty series, Max Payne, Hitman, Splinter Cell, Bioshock. E.t.c

I am yet to come to France but it would be awesome to get to experience thiis .

What about you? what do you play? Are there any gaming acardes or something similar over there

I'm not a gamer or a geek, but I'm a linuxian

Not a Pc gamer enthusiast either,,,
but I had a Mac years ago and I bought 'Myst' and 'Titanic'.
Two cool & entertaining adventure-puzzle games-like, wich worth a try.

Am 29 years, and its only now that learning and playing chess.

It a nice game, especially now we can play anytime with other players

I am a casual gamer... more into it before but well I realized I couldn't spend all my days just on my consoles. I still make time for it but I also delve on other interests like cars (reading about flaws on certain models is interesting like this one) as well as graphic design (who knew I had a flair for it?).

ages ago, in my younger years, back in the the 90's
I  had a SEGA.
I used to play a lot.. perhaps way too much, thou..
-those interchangable-cartridges- that you had to insert in the console, were so cheap to get at the trading-game-store, became very addictive I must admit, that you could exchange them for different sort of games (arcade, puzzle..) cartridges, with other console-gamers for few bucks at the computer-game-store at the mall..
'Prince of Persia' & 'Echo the Dolphin' was some of my favorites
Wonderful years..

interesting subject. there may be snow on them there hills but i am a gamer, and also build PCs as a hobby, Hi end type's. Also enjoy designing spread sheets and power point displays . Often found gaming while the wife's a sleep.

I am a gamer and a Linux enthusiast. So I built my own Linux based gaming PC, thanks to the Steams support for Linux. I also like keeping aquarium fish and marine corals, but moving countries is not something that goes well with keeping marine aquariums. So breaking down and selling off my aquariums soon. Oh well.

Yea :)  ! Back in the 90s i remember SEGA and Game star ... My cousin used to have SEGA and we had Game star... FIFA Soccer was more interesting in SEGA than Game star but Play Station was the best ever.. I used to select AC Milan and Manchester United as my favorite teams .. I also liked Tekken 3 game. Nowadays I'm 32  :D

SEGA - Game Gear - Classic Portable Console -
cool & fun

handheld tetris machine👍

Latency is massive. Throughput is highly variable.

we had to admit that thanks to Chinese-people
~ their technnical engineers & well-known 'Made-in-Taiwan' devices
we, nowadays, shall enjoy all the electrical devices / gadges we wish to.

What did you like most Katy ? Play Station ? Or SEGA  ?
Soccer game in SEGA was kinda similar and typical to FIFA in Play Station One  :) This is why we used to envy our cousin till my mom bought Play Station One on my 16th anniversary

I used to 'envy' my three cousins
'cause in that times.. the 80's
they had a PC  (I didn't) & they played 'Sonic The Hedgehog' & SuperMario-Bros' all the time..
too bad ..everytime I came to their house, I was bad at playing those PC-games..no matter how hard they tried to teach me how to get as many -coins- or -points- to get -life-bonus- I was useless 'cause they had thousand of  'hours of trainning' way before I even started.

I liked the AH-64 Apache simulator on the old Commodore platform.

Philippine Destiny :

I liked the AH-64 Apache simulator on the old Commodore platform.

here it is

Gunship by Microprose


Gamer and soon to be expat here. I started gaming in '82 when I got my first ZX Spectrum with an unheard of 16KB of RAM. A great introduction to writing code with machine language before BASIC became mainstream.

Games have come a long way since then. Currently playing GTA V online but my all-time favourite has to be Microsoft's Asheron's Call 2 MMORPG which was unfortunately shut down in '05. (State of Decay comes in close 2nd)

Remember playing the above Gunship, but enjoyed SSN-21 Seawolf as my goto sim in the day.

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