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I have initiated a process for PR apply to Australia. I am contacting a Australian registered agent suggested by a friend. All data are shared and fine. He said it seems positive considering my exp and technical skills set of  12 years. Only concern he said is my age which is 39. As per consultation he said it might not be    a straight forward case. He said he wants to do a Skype consultation to clarify everything and rate is around 190 Aud for an hour. Is it a fare deal? Should I proceed? Will my age can cause a drawback? Yes I know after 40 it's tough, and I have heardly 1 year left. Please suggest.

Hi All,

In addition to my above query I would also like to know about few more information listed below:

1) What is the total cost for end to end Visa Application(189 Visa) for primary applicant with no dependent(without approaching agent).

2) The total time frame for the whole process from successful Visa application to Visa grant.

3) Total points required for successful application and if possible break up of the total point.

4) What should be the score for the english exam and any links/study material for preparing for the PTE.

If there is any other information anyone would like to share or advise, please feel free to do so.

All of your valuable responses will be highly appreciated.


Congratulations, although be careful....

The grass is always greener ......

In oZ the company salaries seem higher than in Europe although it is harder to get into a nice decent company job ! Need a lot of connections more than in your home country. The high pay jobs are really hard to get... if your not borne in Oz...

Australians are suffering form crisis, they keep looking everywhere to find money since the house living is crazy expensive. Dont be surprised if they pretend to be nice to get your wallet.... all immigrants are easy target full of cash for a year of subsistance... more than they can make in a year for certain Australians .

The distance, ... god so f... far ... in non friendly environment .... money oriented...

Oz became the first destination to learn english for students coming out of uni and willing to have a bit of adventure in working as fruit picker .... hahahahah what a great futur expérience so useless to have!!! a real advantage on you cv... hahahah what a joke.

Dont waste your precious time and money... not worth it.

Just my 2 cents

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