Just for fun: Food culture in Bulgaria

Hello everyone,

We all know Bulgarian food tastes great. Do you consider yourself a foodie? Share with us your unique food experience as an expat.

1. Name 3 best well-known Bulgarian street foods according to you.
2. Which are some unusual dishes that you have discovered ?
3. What makes up the typical breakfast in Bulgaria?
4. Name 3 of your favourite festive dishes.
5. According to you, which essential ingredient defines Bulgarian cuisine?

Thanks for participating,

1. Dyuner is everywhere, it is Turkish but it is the most popular street food.  Vanitsa , all kinds. you can easily find it everywhere. Pizza, big pizza slices.
2.Ovcharska chorva, made from  sheep's meat, Pacha chorva from cows head, Bahur a sausage like roll from pigs innards and rice and some food that I can't recall the names.
3. Tarator,, Vanitsa , yoghurt anything with yoghurt. Sandwich, called princesa,
4. of course bake Kiselo zele(permented cabbage) with pork, Sarmi from grape leaves and also from permented cabbage, fried courget*tikbichki* with yoghurt dips. Chicken with rice in the oven, pork thigh with potatoes, Shkembe chorva, kebapche, Karnachi, Nadenichki,  Kolbasi,Salam, salam more salam, Shopska salata, the bulgarian tomatoes with white cheese. Bulgarian beers and rakia, and more not mentioned.
5. White cheese, Kashkaval, chubritsa, Yoghurt and much oil and oil to add on everything and red  and black pepper may it minced or not and Vegeta.

I have a baby on my right hand I can't  correct what I have written.

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