The truth..important things to know for single MEN

First off all i'll explain why i exclude couples and women in my title of this subject. Couples can help each other going through different experiences or at least one finds somebody to talk to!..Women are rarely traveling alone to somewhere especially if they wanna start new life and settle down, even if they do they have basically easier ways to get new social contacts and things done ( Men understand what i mean! ;) )..what i'll be trying to indicate in this post, is just to put the truth about living in Bulgaria with its bright and dark sides on the table for single men...before i start i must say, i could be wrong in my evaluation but it's just my Opinion that i say openly, honestly and without beating around the let's start..
Reasons why you don't have to move to Bulgaria :
A) If you are sole daredevil, you would better stay at home or choose other country to start new life in, as in Bulgaria sole traveller will spend long long long time to find some entertainment!
B)Language barrier,The english to bulgarian to english language barrier is something that most people may underestimate, and it has big effect on everyday life,So in some ways the language barriers creates a lot of potential hazards for everyday life, and moving to live in a country with no knowledge of the alphabet or language and not much intention to learn either is a reckless thing to do. with 4 very well spoken international languages i couldn't get through easy communications!
C) If you don't look like Brad Pitt you would rather stay at home ( honestly if you do look like him, you wouldn't need to move out! :D ), i am not talking about attracting young girls, i am talking about getting normal social contacts as most bulgarian like everywhere else pay huge attention to physical appearence.
D)It is not racial but if you have colored skin ( black or even slightly dark skinned ), or you are from islamic countries or even middle east countries, you would better move to other country. In Bulgaria like in Switzerland people are not racist they just prefer caucasian ethnicity in spite of huge numbers of dark-skinned bulgarian!! people in Bulgaria treat other looking ( previous mentioned types ) very nice and polite but these types of people as they arrive Bulgaria alone, they will stay alone and most likely leave Bulgaria very soon ALONE!
E) If you are depending on meeting other expats especially from your country in Bulgaria, you can stay at home where you can find plenty of these people too! :D, on top of that, most expats are in couples or have some local friends that help them to get through this experience, those expats are not just waiting for you to arrive!!..other single expats like you prefer not to get in touch with people have the same problem like them, they rather look for somebody who has already solved this problem to help it?..hope so!
F) If you are depending on chat rooms and forums, you will be wasting your time, as in most ( all ) chat rooms you will meet just people who have tons of problems especially ( psychological ), gold diggers, cheaters or at best unrealistic people who have unrealistic dreams! Forums you can find useful informations about buying properties, paying taxes, visa regulations or Business permits..but not how to get in touch with normal people!!
G) If you are not that party type who can easily go out alone and hang around in bars, night clubs and discos or even on beach, you would lose every chance to be entertained!
H) If you think Bulgaria is very cheap as everybody says..Its not!..especially if you wanna have reasonable life standard as in western countries, its definitely cheaper than other countries, it all depends on your life style ( like everywhere else!) and if you want to live in Bulgaria, hanging out only with foreigners ( if you find some to hang around with ) will cost you twice as much.

Did i paint the portrait very dark for you?...just comes the bright side of moving to Bulgaria
A) If you are over 60 years of age with no further plans for the next 30 years!
B) If you wanna just go somewhere where you are not talking to nobody and nobody will be talking to you..even if it happens you will not be able to understand!
C) If you wanna write a book or even your memories or just reading.
D) If you wanna enjoy sun most time of the year and flee the biting coldness in your home country
E) If you wanna set up a business with clear idea about what you are going to do and depending totally on yourself..nobody there will be able to help..
F) If you are enjoying be alone the whole time or to just recover some bad experiences in your life.
G) If you like adventures, just rent a car and drive to somewhere..not being able to understand traffic signs and instructions can lead you to funny experiences and funny unexpected places!

Hmmmm...i still have more to report but i think i wrote too much! i hope i could put some light on few things people are mostly trying to avoid talking about...last thing to say is full of experiences and nothing is wrong or right, it all depends on our point of view that vary from one to another...wish you all luck..


Okay. Bye!

Wow! I am not sure if your the worst person in the world or nobody likes you because you are crazy or whatever, but in regards to people not wanting to date you (for single guys) i can say i am fairly overweight, look decent, have several tre tattoos and 42 years old. However i am meeting very nice younger females (not Roma!) almost daily.
I find Bulgaria extremely cheap and the Bulgarian people is very friendly, helpful and the younger generation (below 30) mostly speak English.
Naturally if you live in some mountain villages this is harder as the education level is lower.
I have lived in Bulgaria for 3 years and i have never felt not welcome, never felt treated bad other than in the post office.
I truly feel Bulgaria is an Amazing country and the only thing i regret about Bulgaria is that i did not come here sooner.

I do purposely tan as darker as I can and wear often orange fluo sport tshirts that reminds the bulgarians the street cleaners fluo gilet (about 99% roma)...and this helps a lot on keeping bulgarians away. Just look at the disgusted faces of the children, they cannot even write or spoke their language but they are already very proficient in racism.

Physical attraction is unnecessary when they get aroused by their unrealistic money disposal idea a foreigner may have.
I think the op nailed it. But yet only dumb people unaware of what happens around them would have a different opinion.

One thing op missed is that who consider theirself middle/high class in Bulgaria beside being often morally and culturally bankrupt will treat you as you were human garbage if you don't purposely display enough to flash, like expensive cars, villas etc. But anyway who would want to have anything to do with them? Just stay away, never waste your time, never give them money or work. If they appear to polite or friendly they are just sniffing you to see if they can gain something.

Did they unleash the trolls again?  :rolleyes:

I agree with you. I have my own place in BG and have been living here on and off since 2007. But for the last 8 years, I spend 10 months of the year here and only go back to the UK to do what I have to do. Love the country and people.

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