Living in Bulgaria

Updated 2010-04-30 14:01

After living in Bulgaria for several years, I look back on the decision to move abroad. At first there was a strong feeling of un-certainty about the move and the future prospects of being able to survive on a limited or fixed income. The first few months I had closely scrutinized just about every move I had made and I took advantage of every opportunity that was available to save money. As time past and I became accustomed to the many open markets and various shops in the area and the actual necessities, things began to become more comfortable. Living off my pension in the United States would have been un-thinkable, with the costs surrounding raising a family and just relying on slightly over a $1000 a month it would have been a nightmare.

First of all the groceries for a family of 6 can add up quickly, so we deal with this but shopping at the local markets. Besides the cost savings the vegetables are naturally grown and are offered at reasonable quantities. The thought of actually eating healthier and smarter was one of the further things from my mind. I contribute a lot of the benefits I am experiencing to the foods and wished I had done this before.

Secondly, the everyday life is relaxed and is more focused on the day-to-day life and not based around the future or the past of anyone. It is a place where you can just take care of the necessities that are needed and not could or would have things that are common in a much more pressured culture. There have been some whom want to try to adapt their new surroundings to some more similar to their past, but many others take advantage of the benefits here and change themselves to the local areas.

Finally, I am a person who likes to travel and I have always been fond of history and the different views that people seen the world events by. Being here, even though the rising costs of travel around the world are escalating, it is still very inexpensive to take advantage of the history in this country. For a culture that has sustained its traditions for several hundred years, it also provides all of the conveniences that anyone could find in some of the most popular cities. There are areas in the capital city of Sofia that proudly display the longevity of their national pride and heritage without being locked away or hidden. A few of these points of interests that come to mind here in Bulgaria that are well worth seeing are:

  • The John Vincent Atanasoff Monument - He is credited as the inventor of the first electric digital computer.

  • The National Historical museum ' That provides an in-depth view of the vast history of the county. This is the largest museum in Bulgaria and lets the visitor view over 1300 years of history in one place.

  • Vitosha Mountain- This Mountain emerged as a result of volcanic activity and has been subsequently shaped by the slow folding of the granite rock.

  • Church of St. Petka of the Saddlers- This church dates back to the 14th century and today ia a monument of culture known for its murals of biblical scenes from the 14th century thru to the 19th century.

  • The Rila monastery- This is the largest and most famous monastery in Bulgaria, founded in the 10th century, the Rila Monastery is regarded as one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments.

  • The Valley of Roses ' Although not in Sofia, it is the worlds largest producer of rose oil that is used for many different products and is one of the most beautiful site to see during the blooming period.

These are but a few of the numerous sites to see while travelling through Bulgaria. Although just a few are mentioned, these are among my personal favorites. The culture of the people is one of the friendliest that I have experienced in my travels, even without picking up the language right away, I have found it very easy to communicate and get along with everyone. Speaking of the language, many believe that the Bulgarian language stems from the Russian alphabet when in fact the Cyrillic alphabet was devised by Saints Cyril and Methodius in 855 A.D.

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