Am from nigeria live in indonesia

I want to know more about ktas am married  with indonesia woman and i have no agent to help me through the process  can i get a help

NIgerian passport holders are likely to have a harder time obtaining a KITAS than any other nationality except perhaps communists from North Korea wanting to export communist ideals to Indonesia and take over the country under a red banner with a nice hammer and sickle, but they might well come second to the bottom, just above Nigerians.

The basic procedure is simple enough - Prove you're legally married and apply, but you're very likely to be asked about 2 million questions and need to supply a lot of paperwork to back up your application.
The above only applies if you can find someone willing to handle your case, and that's less than likely.
Every agent I'm aware of will refuse to handle it and, even if you do it yourself, you'll have a seriously difficult time finding out who to send it to.

There's no point fluffing this up with niceties, you're chances of a KITAS are very limited.

Really im married  in accord to the rules not legally but how can get ktas all my document for marriage is complete cerificate from goverment i have all

You need to call into immigration with your wife where the forms can be had ,with all required supporting  documentation ,that is the first step .

The actual application is easy enough if you're already inside Indonesia - Just go to your local immigration office and get the forms, then put the paperwork together.
As I previously said, you can be sure you will get asked a thousand questions and have to supply a lot of paperwork, that very likely including proof you have the means to live without working.
If you aren't in Indonesia, your chances are far lower.

Take a look at these

There are some more sites that could be helpful, but always take sites from agents with a pinch of salt because they're selling something, therefore open to bending truth.

The sites I'm linking to are nothing to do with me and I have no idea if they are any good or not. … -emirates/ … nigerians/

If as you say you are from Nigeria, you are lucky that you were allowed into the country in the first place.
Also according to which rules are you married? If you are not married legally, then you are not married at all and you can be jailed for sleeping with someone to whom you are not married, so you are foolish for publicising that.

This is the second recently written post that I have spotted today about Nigerians seeking help with visas. Both have serious mistakes in logic. Here's the link to the other one <> You can read that plus my response to it. I hope I'm wrong, but if not 'look out Indonesia'.
hmm.. "Alleged Nigerians" + "seeking help" = Beware

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