Satusehat pedulilindungi


Broken App..satusehat.

This app I was told is required to enter Indonesia.

It is badly broken and those who support the app are apparently overwhelmed.

I have left multiple help requests to the app help contact over the past 2 months. All i get back is an email with a help ticket number... LOL..

Inhave sonce contacted immigration and they said ministry of health is who to contact.

Ministry of help gives me generic unuseful automated reponses. They won't even answer if the App is still required.

Does anyone know for sure if app is still required and if it is how the heck do we get help for the errors?

And a cheeky question -  what if the traveler chose not to bring a phone?  It's a mobile app and required to be installed and linked to gps.

@mgardner hi

U can contact by whatsapp to the official help health minister peduli lindungi

+62811 10 500 567 … lilindungi

Normally when u arrive just bring ur english covid test paper. Its also okay to show it there.

But if you can get the one from peduli lindungi its better.

You should register on their website look this link

Hope helps

In my few trips untill late october 2022 nobody askt ever if i got the app installad, just have your vaccine certification ready to show...that just in case!

I travelled from the UK to Jakarta in March 2023 and before they allowed us to check-in we had to have the Satusehat App installed. There were staff there to help us install it. Anyway we just installed the App and didn't fill in the details. When we arrived in Jakarta we just flashed the App as we walked by and nobody cared to even look at it. As mentioned above, have hard copies of your vaccine certificates on hand.

I arrived last Saturday at terminal 3 Jakarta the app wasn't working and nobody was checking on it

@Momcc ywa i have registered and uoloaded my certificate after 2 days and several hours with glitches.

the rest of my family fails on the app. different reasons.

we have contacted their whats app number amd email help. never a response ezcept for preformatted replies and help ticket number.

You really don't need to follow up on this. If you have got the Satusehat App installed on your phone then that is all you need to do. You really don't need to fill in the details or try to add your Covid certificates. When you arrive at an airport in Indonesia if anyone is interested to inspect your Satusehat App then there will definitely be people there to assist you. Their job is not to make things difficult for you but to help you.

If you don't have a phone then just bring the original certificates.

@mgardner Hi,,, No it is not required , I have been in Indonesia last month and no one there asked me for that App at all. regards

Before it was required

Tourists no longer need to have been vaccinated to enter Indonesia, so downloading the Satusehat App is pointless. Since there are still quite a lot of cases of Covid in places like Bali, let's just hope that this summer it not become a problem.


Glad to hear that sanity and common sense have finally prevailed.

I take it the reintroduction of the visa on arrival fee is still in place?

The VOA is still there, costs Rp500,000 (or equivalent in major foreign currencies) for a 30 day visit, which can be extended once only.