Moving to indonesia as a Indian

What should I do if a permanent stay in Indonesia with my family? I have some questions in my mind....
1. Should I set out all business before coming to Indonesia?
2 . I came to Indonesia along with direct family and then set up a business?
3 . Will there be any difficulty in getting the education for my children as an Indian?
4 . Should I first get a job before starting a business?
5. Should I first come to Indonesia to find a house and then call a family? Let's do that with the family
6. Of the Indonesian and Indian people will help me to start business
7. which city/area is good for Indian?
8. cost of living?

Hi Vikas. Welcome to Indonesia. I think it is better that you stay in Jakarta or areas nearby. Other parts of Indonesia do not have a lot of Indians and you might get lonely.

thanks abdul

tell me about business or job for Indian and education in Jakarta for Indian

Who me? I don't really know about  all that.

But send your kid to one of the International Schools for a great education. Or send him to private or semi-private school which is cheaper. Then invest Rp1 billion and set up an Indian restaurant but make sure you serve north indian food, gulab jamun and alu gobi and butter chicken and work with go-jek for food delivery. Don't bother looking for a job because you need unique skills. Just start the business straightaway. Once you have the take away then consider expanding into other areas. Don't try to import indian handicrafts or furniture. Indians are already import clothes and fabrics from india to indonesia.

There are several Indian schools in Jakarta.
A quick google finds them easily.

thanks friends

tell me about living cost in jakarta ( min - max)

thanks Abdul for given idea of Indian restaurants. I have experience in veg restaurants.  Will the Indian restaurant do good business there?

Yeah I think it could do alright, but do your research to make sure there are no other ones nearby and also that it is an area where lots of foreigners live. Accept orders over the phone and allow Go-jek to pick up and deliver as that is common nowadays. You could also consider importing ingredients and chutneys and so on. Hope you will do some nice foods like fish and chicken tikka aswell as all the milder northern indian foods. And don't forget chicken tikka masala, butter chicken and cheese nan. I wish there were more good indian restaurants in Indonesia. I like to buy indian cakes in Kuala Lumpur whenever I am there, so if you can make those as well as gulab jamun then that'll be great, I'll come to Jakarta to eat at your place.

Jakarta or bali is good for living :)

If I want to start an Indian Hotel, what do I have to do for legal permission?