Marrying an indonesian bride in Singapore

Hi, I am English and my bride is indonesian who is PR in Singapore.
We are planning to marry in Singapore in October.
The ROMM is asking for a letter of recommendation from the KUA.
My partner has informed me they require information about myself including family history and proof of good health. This doesn't seem right to me? We are not planning to marry or live in Indonesia. Why do they require this?
You will Need a certificate of no impediment from your local UK registry office, but I wasn't asked for anything by any Indonesian department until we arrived in this country.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I am not really sure what is going on.
The ROMM in Singapore are asking for certain information which makes sense as we are getting married there.
But my Indonesia fiancee requires a letter of recommendation from Indonesia and they are asking me, her English spouse to provide my family history and health check. It doesn't seem right, Indonesia shouldn't require this information from me.
My (ex) (yippee) wife had to have an okay from her father, but that was it as far as Indonesia was concerned.
If you move to Indonesia you'll need more.

The lady I'm seeing at the moment will have her brother around if we go that far.

@pjb105 must get letter from KUA its Regulations permission letter married out of home country.

Even though you are marrying out of Indonesia, you are still marrying an Indonesian, who is a citizen of Indonesia and holds an Indonesuan passport. This requirement is for the Indonesian citizen, for her protection, to make sure there is no fraud or other information from you that would make it clear that this is a legitimate marriage, and the information provided is true and verified.
I married an Indonesian in Houston, Texas, it was normal wedding, when we decided to move to Bali, the consulate in Houston gave us an Indonesian marriage license and my daughter an Indonesian passport.  The consulate just told us to register the marriage when we go to Indonesia, this was last year.

You should contact the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and just ask them, they will let you know.