Moving to Russia for couple of months

Hey everyone.

As the title says, I'm moving to Russia for couple of months and I have some question that I'd like to be answered by people living there or the ones that spend there more time than just a vacations. Sorry if some of my questions might be dumb, I've never been there,  so I really don't know what to expect.

Since I might be bringing quite a lot stuff comparing to just regular vacations, I was wondering are there any exact amount of worth that my belonging can't exceed or something like that? What things I can't or shouldn't bring with me since I figure they might do a check up of my luggage? Are there any kind of regular things that I might not be able to find there?

Also, I will be working mostly on my computer the whole time, so I have to be sure I'll be able to access whatever website I might need, so I think in this case vpn would be the optimal option. I was wondering will nordvpn work there? Since I'm already a user, I wouldn't like to get any other. Also, are there any other programs or apps that I might need while being there?

Do you have any other tips?

Thanks for your time!


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Thank. I read.

Good day blueoceanviews,
Your questions are normal.  Is not clear from your letter where you plan to live. Russia is a huge 1/6 of all land. Caution with import medications. In Russia, many are prohibited. Information is on the Russian customs website. Everything is good with the Internet in Russia: vpn work of all types.

Hey blueoceanviews,
What city are you moving to? There is a difference.
Speaking of belongings, you can take whatever you need except for stuff, commonly restricted in any European country :)
I would recommended to take with you a clothing for any occasion and personal care stuff cause these things are more expensive and not always in a best quality.
For your electronics, you might need to double check the power capability for each one. Your laptop and phone charger are most likely 110-240, but I would check the other devices you have. You might want to buy some universal adapters for your devices as well. You defensively can buy them in Russia but most likely you end up with cheap and not very reliable thing.
Concerning the internet browsing, I've had some difficulties accessing some of the sites and directories but in most cases it is fine.

Good luck :)

Hello! I think that rules about the baggage you can bring is similar to any the trip, so it's better to find proven info online. But you can send your stuff with international delivery service. What about VPN, there should be no problem with using it. I'd been living in Russia for six months because of work and had to visit different cities, and is the best site to buy tickets online. I think that there is no need to download some additional apps, maybe, only offline maps and GPS-tracker of public transport. It can be hard at first to orientate, but those programs will help you.

Don't worry - all will be normal for you.    Internet is great.  Just LINKEDIN is not working.  Internet is very fast in cities and even in villages.