Electricity prices for July

Can any one help with  understanding the electricity charges for July in Hurghada? We have been living here since April and it was costing us apapproximately 20le (£1) for electricity a day. We are now putting on our prepaid card 200le a day which is very very expensive for us. The estate agent we rent the flat from said this is only for July and will revert back to the same as before from August. I know there has been an increase in electricity in Egypt but can someone explain to me in simple terms as i do not understand the "bracket" terms and how we have apparently worked our way from bracket 1 to 7 since April.

I think they should give you or show you a recipe of ur usage.
Demand it from them ( u have the right to see it)
2nd option ask neighbors  for their monthly cost and compare to urs.

I don’t live there but I’d do that.

Good luck.

Yes insist on seeing the bill or get an electrician to check the system.
Billing goes on a monthly cycle. For the first 50 kilowatts you pay next to nothing but there are 7 bands the last of which is for over 1000 kilowatts you are paying some 6 times more.
In my small place where I have 1 AC on for the evening and all night I am now at the 5th band and am paying around 50 LE per day. First days of the month would have been 10 to 20 LE.
If you have any figures for units consumed post the details and I can compare against my bills.
So unless you are using 4 or more AC’s continuously it sounds far too much and the brackets business should have reset each month.

Thank you for trying to help us to understand the way things work in Egypt. The estate agent we rent from says that on the 1st August we should go back to the first bracket, so we have one more day to go. If the meter does not reset itself then we will be complaining loudly. I cannot post any bills as it is one of the new meters with a prepaid card. But i will post tomorrow with the reading bracket as i am sure we are not the only ones this is happening to. We have had our aircon changed from a 1200 to a 2400 but surely it cannot increase the usage by that much...or can it?

When my family were with me last summer in a 300 m2 apartment with say 2 large AC's working most of the time my largest bill was 3498 LE for 2378 units. Prices went up July 1st 2018 by 25% and have gone up recently another 15% but if you only have one AC working 200 LE per day is very high at any time of the month.

It is not unheard of for apartment owners to redirect electriclty to other apartments,

Thanks again for your reply. We shall see tomorrow what is happening, hopefully.

Great...at 12.15am meter went back to the lowest tariff, still dont understand why but im glad it has.

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