Expat boys and girls!Let's get together)

Hi, my name is Anna. I am Russian, speak English and French (though also learning Arabic))). I am an expat here. How about having a real go-out meeting? If anybody wants, let's decide on time and date)Any ideas are excepted!

Nice idea Anna, I am living in Hurghada since September last year. But since I am a Muslim woman who covers herself accordingly I won't be doing those things which 'other' western ppl normally do, that means I don't go to bars, clubs etc...

Can I ask in which area of Hurghada you normally 'hang out'?

Hi Anna
Just arrived back in Hurghada after visiting London, England. Nice idea but I'm probably the wrong age group! I would like a good Egyptian Arabic conversation teacher. If you are pleased with your teacher would you like to pass on their name, where in Hurghada they live and contact details? 
Thanks - hopefully.

Hello Anna,
I will be visiting Hurghada with a French friend of mine for 5 days starting tomorrow, let me know if you people arrange anything during those days, we would love to join (if this is not an Expats only! thing)

Hello Anna,
Very nice idea, I am living in Hurghada and have no friends here
I think it is great chance to make friends

Hey guys

I live in Alex update me by any activities u r going to do in advance to arrange my time

cheers all


hi..im travelling to cairo this saturday and then to alexandria..pls update if there is any activity

hi anna

i am 44 years old egyptian man visit hurghada 15 june my mail is
[email protected]

what about in cairo? shall we meet up in cairo this weekend?

hey Anna..would be nice to meet in Hurghada.. coming soon withing 2 weeks :)

Hi Anna , Welcome To Egypt & Hurghada
Would like to arrange for a meeting

hi anna we talked before but lost your contact details,would love a night out....anton.hopefully you still have my details

lats gooooooooooooooo out , waiting for you :)

HI Anna, Will come to Hurghada on September. It would b great to meat and spend time together. Find me in facebook @Yulia MsBeehavin'@ muwaah

hey anna ,, am hassan from cairo .. living in hurghada 23 , am really hope be ur friend , if u accept that i will be really happy byee

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what a Nice Idea Anna.Hope we can meet soon together.after 10 days i will be in Hurghada? is that meeting still open lol..

hey friends in Hurghada.all of you are so welcome to our new coffe shop in El mamsha(TOSCALINI CAFE) after egypt air building.we offer (shisha) for free.we also offer fresh drinks,food.we have a beduin sitting.prices are so cheap.feel free to contact me anytime.***.have a lovely day..wait for you all.and not think of price, just think of how to have a nice time..