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How difficult is it to start utilities in Sosua?    As a person living abroad currently, is there anyway to have the power on before  my arrival.  The closing on my unit was handled by my realestate agent via a power of attorney.  I will not physically take ownership until 21 July . Could anyone tell me if this is a lengthy process?

Let me get this straight, you gave power of attornery to a real estate agent, and HE won't tell you the answer?

She has stated that it’s a easy process and I should have no worries. I don’t want to make the assumption that there  Utilities  established.   I’m hoping that the original owner is allowing me time to have all the utilities transferred in my name. I think I’m just getting nervous closer to my move in date.

Welcome to the forums. You are smart to double.check! 

Normally utilities are all turned off.  If your lawyer has POA ask her to go get the electrical contract for you.  It can be a several day process honey so don't expect there to be electricity, ask her to get it done.

Definitely dump it to your lawyer.  It's part of the property transfer.  Not sure about Sosua, but in a normal (no pun intended) situation the utility will need consent from the previous owner to transfer the contract.  This may involve the transfer of a security deposit which could be added to your cost of purchase.  The process is more complicated than in North America and if you are not familiar with it then let your lawyer handle it.  If your real estate agent is the only one with your POA, then they will have to be involved.  Again, not sure about Sosua, but in the Bavaro Punta Cana area your POA must specifically name the utility company and conditions of your POA with that company meaning contract renewals, changes etc. before they will do anything and again, the seller must be involved.

You mentioned utilities as in plural, what other utility are you thinking of?

DominicanadaMike,   most times it is simply paid and shut down.  Then the new owner takes their own new contract.  Makes it way cleaner and simpler.  Not part of the purchase at all.

Ok.  Here in Bavaro I believe it is a little different.  We have a large deposit with the utility company 20K plus per property and they don't give that money back.  It's security for the account.  As I understand it, the only way to get it back is through the purchase agreement and transfer of the contract to the new owner.   Maybe there is another way, but I don't know of it and this is what the utility company has told me.  As always...it depends...

That is because its a private company.  Rules are different!

The high speed internet , security system service , mobile services, and property insurance.   In South Carolina , I billed separately each month for water. These services do not typically fall under the label of utilities but it’s easier just to group them in this category since these are going to be a  necessity.
I believe I have found a company for the high-speed Internet.

Everything here is more complicated then expected and takes longer to get done.

Ok, that helps.  None of these are "transferable" so unless you have someone that will set these up for you, you will have to arrange them once you are here.  Over the phone or email is a bit of a nightmare.

The internet and mobile services, you will have to see what is available in the area.  Claro is popular in many areas and offers packages for internet, CATV, cell phone and home hone depending upon your needs.  Installation time will be based upon how busy they are at the time.  Could be a day or 2 could be a month or 2.

Security companies same as above, you will need to find a provider.

Insurance, again you will need to find a reliable provider for home, car, health etc.

Those from Sosua area will be able to help you with recommendations and details...

Agreed on all the points above!

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