Work Permit - expat or local

Hi All,

I just got an offer to work in VN and the company is preparing the paperwork for the work permit. I'm holding dual Vietnamese Australian citizenship so in theory, I can just use my Vietnam nationality to skip the hassle. Though I'm not sure if it has any unintended implications? Would it be better to be an expat to enjoy it's benefit if any(tax, legal protection ...).

Thanks in advance for any advices :)


I have nothing to offer but I am looking forward to hearing from those who do.  I am certain that there are a few who post here who are in a similar situation and have made the choice of which status to seek.

"As my own knowledge it is both pros and cons for this.
For the cons, it is better to be an expat since the government agencies cannot perform their management on many aspect like taxes as you do not need to pay tax for the incomes that incurred outside of Vietnam territory in case you did not declared the incomes by your own will and honesty.

But since you are an expat, there is no insurance or the quality for such insurance is very low and cannot cover any fee incase the sh*t hits the fan. A few of insurance i can list is the labour insurance, health insurance or unemployment insurance for such an expat, so pick wisely."

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