International wire transfer from Saudi to US bank account

Hi to all & thanks in advance to those who’ll respond to this— Just found out that not all banks in Riyadh can do this. My sister needs to fund her US bank account from her local bank in Riyadh. Is there any Riyadh bank recommended & proven to have this one done.

Update: After trips to 4 different banks, she was told today that no bank could do it. True?
...and that Western Union & Money gram are the ones used for it — :(

I am not sure what the issue is.  If she has a Saudi bank account, she can just login to her internet banking and do the transfer (This is a SWIFT transfer).  Almost every single bank allows for this.

I suspect the issue is in communication of her needs with the bank staff.

Maybe... or maybe not. Not sure also why it’s not straight forward. It ‘d be nice to pool answers around expats here who send dollars to their US bank accounts or their relatives in the US. Any info is appreciated, and thanks XTANG for your reply.


I know for sure that in Alinma Bank you can transfer money to US account, all you need is to download the  Inma App.

The App also offers money transfer through Western Union wich is very fast, I used this service last week to transfer money to the US.

Good luck.

Thank you, I’ll look into it asap :)

I have an account with Riyadh Bank and the bank has a relationship with Bank of America which is my bank in the US and every month I transfer through the App money to my US bank.

Thank you very much for your info —are you paying more than 50sr for all the fees associated? Thanks again!

No just the 50

Ok, thank you very much :)

I transfer funds from my bank account in Saudi to my US bank account frequently ............and have been doing this for years, and never had a problem.

There is no such restriction.  However, there may be daily limits (set by the regulator) for large amounts (for online transfers only). 

You may want to get more details on the matter as it just doesn't seem right.

I think they were trying to find a bank with direct connection to a US bank, you deposit in Saudi and be able to collect in the US.

@Legallegal2007, @Selkhodari, @theachabacha—Thank you my dear expats for the contribution of infos given. All were directed to the sis & hope she finds what suits her. I’d consider this thread now as a closed matter. Thank you all very much!

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