Thinking about moving to Rosarito

Hi all!!

I'm new to this :)

Welcome. I'm new too so just sitting back and reading all of the posts on the Mexico forum.

Welcome, you will find the forum very interesting and informative.  We are moving to Rosarito in about a year.  Our condo is being built at La Jolla Excellence.  We try to visit and check on progress about every three months.  The area around our place has been changing each time we go down. 

We love the local people, food, and weather.   San Diego has been our go to spot for +40 years.  But, who can afford to live there.  So just 45 minutes south we found a great location. 

We can't wait to move out of California.  No plastic bags, 35 cent per gal gas tax, high sales taxes, and today I learned CA is adding a CO2 "fee" to restaurant bills.  Oh not to mention the $billions we spent already on the high speed train that goes from nowhere to nowhere. 

Below are a couple of additional forums I follow you might find interesting.

Are there safe places to bicycle around Rosarito? They don't necessarily need to be bike trails or bike lanes, but not mixed in with the cars.  (There are not in Puerto Vallarta, where we spent the last three winters.)

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