Why No More University Professor Jobs for expats in KSA

From past 1-2 years I am continuously searching university professor job in KSA, but universities are not opening vacant positions for expats.

3-4 years back their were always hundreds of vacant positions available in KSA universities for expats, but now no single position.

Just want to understand the reason behind this issue.

Do the KSA has now too many saudi phds, and they don't need expats phds anymore?
Or the ministry of education is not issuing university teacher visas to expats?
Any possibility in future for visas opening for expats professors?

Kindly share your opinion.

I believe universities have limited number & positions where they can hire expats and most have reached that number. Plus it seems to me that expat professors are happy with their jobs and income. So no openings. Good luck

They aren't opening vacant positions but that doesn't mean they are not hiring. My husband is a Phd and got an assistant professor position in KSA. He was recommended by his friend. They interviewed him and eventually hired him :)

Most jobs are getting sauidzed and there is pressure on these universities to hire saudis now. That’s the reason they’re not hiring expats anymore.

Whats his subject which city and uni?

There are supposedly a lot of PhD 's without jobs. The only positions where visas are available  are as English instructors

Any job opportunity for dental bachelors in academic sector?

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