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I am from Afghanistan , My english is upper intermediate ,  Farsi( persian , Dari ) is fluent , arabic a little  .

I am interested to find a job regarding teaching mathematics from 4 to 8 grades , sales , or any job that is suitable for a woman.

Thank you for reply

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For jobs in the education sector, you will need to have accredited qualifications and will go through an approval process of the Ministry of Education.   If you don't have those, no point in looking for the same.

For other jobs, suggest to post an ad in the relevant section of the forums.

As XTang said you need the proper qualifications to apply for education position , you can also search for other jobs though sites like Linkdn , or through local newspapers here like GDN ( which they have an online postings on their app ).

Thank you for your comments

I have bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering

Your degree is not related to the field that you want to teach.  Plus you need to have accredited teaching experience in the subject you want to teach.

Lastly, if your nationality is Afghanistan, be mindful that it will be very difficult for you to get a visa here.

I have worked more than 6 years with international NGOs , USAID and US military in Afghanistan about my degree .

But I like to teach mathematics to children . This is my desire , I can find this opportunity or not , it is other topic.

Yes unfortunately my husband has same problem about Visa, because He is from Pakistan . Most people told to my husband because of your name , GCC arenot interested to give visa to you .

1) What I am trying to tell you is that a teaching job in Bahrain is not about desire.  It is about experience in the subject that you want to teach and whether or not, your degree relates to that subject.  This is important for MOE process
2) There is no problem with visa for your husband; I am from Pakistan and have been in Bahrain 5 years and I also have a name that can be confused.  His visa issues would be related to where he is living or working e.g. if you live and work in Iran, Afghanistan etc, it is very difficult to get security clearance for any nationality. For you however, it is not about name but about nationality.  Afghans do not generally get visas in GCC easily or anywhere else in the world for that matter - because of security concerns

I cannot comment on the fairness or unfairness of this but unfortunately, this is the way it is.

Thank you so much for your time and comment

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