Visiting costa del sol

Hi there,
I am visiting the costa on the 19th of march for a week with the aspiration of buying a business.
I would welcome any advice,either by this forum,or any hints as to where the expat communities tend to frequent,so I could test the water and maybe introduce myself,and gain valuable insight and experienced pointers on the area.
I am staying in torremolinos,but I do not mind travelling for some insider knowledge.
I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

Have you tried

They are platforms with events which many foreigners join and meet. Not sure how active in the areas of your interests but no harm to try. Best of Luck!

I think you better discuss this with a lawyer or a person who understands this. On the Internet, you can often meet scammers.

Goips.   If one followed your advice expat. com would be redundant

Also, having lived here 30 years and having a background in the law in U.K. I would be careful in recommending ‘professional' advice.   I have a lot of experience when advice from such people has been very unreliable


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Hi , Myself an the wife want to retire to spain in a static home but are finding it hard to find a residential only site as i dont think it lists them all when i look .
If anyone knows a site or 2 then please let me know .
thanks in advance
Chris n Pat