OVIEDO - Anyone here?!


I just moved in Oviedo, Spain.

There doesn't seem to be too many Expats in this area or many online communities about this city.

I do not have Facebook, so I cannot join the usual groups there and I am looking through other sources which are not sufficient.

Looking to make some friends here!!

I am also in Oviedo.

I also live in Oviedo.

Recently retired, though semi-retired for 15 or so years.

During that period I was able to travel several months a year

     looking for my retirement place.

I have visited Asturias twice.

Once before the plague.

And last year during Semana Santa.

And decided ‘This is the place'.

Currently studying Español at the University of Oviedo.


Hi, sorry if this duplicated internet problems.

Heres wishing you well and I hope you soon find some friends in your area. Unfortunately I live in the opposite end of the country in a small village called Venta Quemada Granada province.

If you want an online friend please contact me via my email ***

Good luck

Lesley Russell

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Hello nelsoncharm,

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no idea if this is still active, but I also just moved to Oviedo and I would love to meet new people!

Let me know,


Hi Michelle. It seems to still be active since I received your message.

Hi Michelle, where are you living now? Julie

It is a nice place, are you going to work or just on Vacation

Hola, Michelle:

And welcome to Oviedo and Asturias.

There are English speaking expats scattered about Oviedo, Gijon and Aviles and no doubt some tucked away in the remote parts of Asturias. 

I have been here for eight months and there doesn't seem to be an organized expat community.  If you are hungry for an English speaking support you may want to contact some of the teachers at the various English language schools.

I don't know how fluent your Español is but the fall semester spanish courses are starting at the University and at the adult school across from El Mercado Fontan.  The University also participates in the Tandem Language Program.

I am not aware of a designated hangout cafe for expats.  If you really do have perky energy you may want to organize a group meet-up.  I would suggest La Gorda, a sculpture at the SE corner of Plaza de la Escandalera as a meeting place.  Plug ”Plaza de la Escandalera” in to your favorite map app.

And I assume everyone who has replied would be open to getting private messages here.

And enjoy Oviedo and Asturias.



I'm from the USA, and I have recently moved to Avilés, a 25 minute train ride from Oviedo. I am looking for expat social contacts,  and I'm also looking for anywhere that I can play Pickleball. Stephanie.

Hi, my wife and I are looking to move to Spain. We're looking into Daimus, which is south east of you on tyhe Mediterranean. At the moment we do not Speak Spanish but will be using Babell ti learn as fast as we can.  Please share your first impressions. Where in the US are you from? We live in NJ. Thanks, Bob & Jo-Anne.