"Newly arrived" to La Campiña Sur de Extremadura

Hi, I'm John originally from Ireland 🇮🇪 🍀 Myself and my Argentinian partner arrived here to Llerena (Extremadura-Spain) a year ago in 2023. We love the weather, nature, food, people and prices. The "city" has a train station that brings you to Seville in 2 hours or Madrid in 6 hours, etc. There are good roads to other cities in Andalusia and Extremadura.

It would be nice to exchange emails with experiences, advise, etc with other expats.

Hi John, my wife Jo-Anne and I are visiting Dames, Spain (beach town on the Mediterranean) in May. We are looking at a proiperty we saw online and are considering buying. Did you speak Spanish before maiong the move? And if now how have you gone about learning it? How complicated di you find the paperwork? How have you found access to healthcare, including doctors and prescription medications?  Thanks, Bob

Sorry i can't find Dames ?

if i didn't live here i would think care before buying a property

Most non spanish live here without any Spanish

All the info re paperwork is readily available online