Seeking friendship in La Coruna :-)


I've just moved to La Coruna and would love to meet some Wnglish speakinh people as I know very little Spanish.  Would be great to hear from you.


Hi Simon2301,

Welcome to :)

A little introduction maybe?


Hello Priscilla :)

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Hello Priscilla :)

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Hi I am an aussie living in A Coruna looking to meet up with new people, In and around Coruna.


I've also just moved to coruña from the UK.  How you finding it?


Cheers for the message, I have been living in Coruna for 11 months now I  was living in the UK before in London.
Which part of the UK have you come from? Coruna is a nice city different pace of life to big city living, I like it here. Its very different part of Spain in relation to immersing yourself in the culture I promise that in no time your Spanish will improve here there is no choice but to speak it... lol How long are you gonna stay here for?

Im starting to pick up Spanish already.  My family have lived here for 20 years as my dad is from Vigo.  I'm here for good, I may relocate to Barcelona at the end of summer to work but for now I'm relaxing and enjoying the sun when it decides to shine.  I'm from London, Ladbroke Grove.  How long are you here for.  Are you working over here?  I'm on Whatsapp, ++++  What's your name by the way?

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I am actually lived near ladbroke grove in London I lived towards Queens Park way. My name is Ali my mums Spanish but I grew up in Oz I my patner is Gallega so I  am here for the long haul, So far so good definetely takes getting used to after living in London but I reckon you will like the move. its worth it  very relaxing place to live good quality of life, thanks for your info my number is ++++ I am on whats app.

Hi Simon,
I thought about dropping to you a whats app but the website seems to have your number not visible, would you mind sending to me your number again please. Cheers

Hi. Visiting coruna after doing the Camino. Any ideas what to do Saturday here, how to meet people?


How long are you here for?  Are you staying in Coruna?

The nightlife on Coruna is pretty good to be honest as long as you know the places to go.

You're more than welcome to come out with us if you like.


Do you guys find there to be a high amount of expats where you are?

Its definetely worth it , proper lifestyle change i reckon You love it..... Galicia is a Nice part of Spain.

I live in a little town of A Coruna province in Galicia, Palmeira (near Ribeira), and it is astonishing how many foreigners (did not know when I came here)  live in Galicia. Like a secret hiding place. Galicia is very private and finding much and accurate, up to date information about it on the Internet is tough. Perfect place for individualists.
In my otherwise Galician street alone 7 out of 20 houses are inhabited by Americans and/or Galicians who became Americans. New York alone has a community of over 50,000 Galicians. An American collects money here for the local fiestas.  :)

Hello all!

I am from The Netherlands and I will be living in La Coruña starting from January 2016. What is the city like? And the people? I am a little nervous actually! Ofcourse, I'll be happy to meetup in January 2016.


Stefan, welcome in January. I am Dutch and American. and have been living almost a year in A Coruna province about 1 hour from La Coruna near Ribeira.
Why did you move here and why are you nervous?


Yes, I feel a little unsure. I basically have a great job opportunity in La Coruña, but when I look at the city at google maps and read stories it sometimes comes across as a somewhat dull place. I haven't seen any parties, young people, etc. Also, I read that it is extremely hard to integrate with the people there and make friends. Is that true? I am a 26 year old male.


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Hello all. This post has been inactive for almost one year but just wanted to say hi to expatriates living in A coruna. I will soon move also.

You will love it here feel free to write to me when your in town

Actually my fiancé is living there already and i come every 2 months to see him. I love it (except the rain) but overall it is beautiful. I would like to find a job before moving.

Are you guys still up there in A Coruña?

I'll join you in two months!

Hello, I have just moved to A coruna from London, and I'm also looking to meet english speaking people. My spanish isn't the best!