Expats in Zaragoza?

Hey!  Living here for 6 months in Zaragoza and wondering if there are many expats here?  I am from Canada and would welcome new connections.



Hi Anatolijus,

There are more foreign students than expats as far as I am concerned, but you may be able to find some in a couple of pubs,mainly Bull McAbes and Flaherty's...

I will be back in June for a quick visit to the family, in case you need some guide, hehe!

Hasta luego!

Hello Anatolijus,

I should normaly get there in about 4 months coz' my bf found a great job as an expat. I am working right now in Strasburg( France) as a purchaser but will follow him as soon as possible. I have no idea how the city and the atmosphere in this town are. Could you give me some feed-back about your way of life ?  In which company are u working?  Do you know some companies who would be interested to employ a purchaser?  Hoping to have the oportunity to meet you there, Have a nice day =) Nathalie


I'm in Lleida. Just moved about 6 months ago from Canada. Find very difficult to get the residency and a job offer. This is the place where I want to live but it is difficult to get the ball rolling. Any advice??