Hi, just moved to Andalusia from Scotland, would really like to meet some new people/drinking buddy's. get in touch.


I've just moved here as well. I lived in Madrid last year but I am from England.
Are you teaching English here? Can you speak Spanish. If you want to meet up I think I'm going for drinks this evening to celebrate my new job with my flat mate. You're welcome to come too.
This is my number 667369527 and this is my email leanne.summers@gmail.com

enjoy Sevilla


Hi, congratulation on your new job. I dont speak any spanish yet, will be taking up some classes though once i have found my way about. At the moment i am an Au Pair for twine girls not too far from the maria Lucia park. This weekend i will be travelling with the family to one of there other homes, so don't think i will make it tonight. though i am still keen in meeting soon. Are you teaching English? Are you on Facebook? am fiona miller from kilsyth, if you want ot keep i contact through Facebook too.

hey, thanks. I met with Carmen yesterday and she said she'd been speaking to a girl who sounds like you - are you a hairdresser and beauty therapist? If you are, I'd love to get my hair cut and have my eyebrows done. How much do you charge? Let me know when you're back in town and we'll meet for a drink.
I'm on facebook, Leanne Summers leanne.summers@gmail.com Have fun x

Fiona, is this the same Fiona that came to Sants festival with me?